Trump Entertains 200,000 at His Campaign Events in August – Hillary Only 10,000 | Joe Hoft


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Trump Entertains 200,000 at His Campaign Events in August – Hillary Only 10,000

trump everett crowd

The Presidential campaign events in the month of August are now almost complete. In the first 31 days since the conventions Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have held many campaign events across the country but when comparing the two campaigns the results are staggering.

Donald Trump will hold his 31st campaign event in August tonight and is expecting at least 15,000 at his event in Arizona. Trump has held 32 events in August if you count the Roast on Saturday in Des Moines where he was the keynote speaker. More than 198,000 people will have participated at these events and for 7 of these events (Columbus, Harrisburg, Ashburn, Wilmington, Abingdon, West Bend and Akron) Trump had overflow crowds. In Everett, Washington as in many locations throughout the campaign, Trump set a new attendance record in the arena where his event was held.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand held only 11 campaign events in August and had a meager 10,000 people show up at these events. (Note that this list only includes campaign speaking engagements and not fundraisers or visits with government and corporate leaders.)

Trump vs Hillary Attendance 8-31

Donald Trump has materially outpaced Hillary Clinton in rallies and in attendance at campaign events since the conventions. Trump has held triple the number of events that Clinton has (32 – 11) in August.

Since August 17th Trump has campaigned in front of 88,000 at his events to only 400 (yes 400) for Hillary at her one event since the 17th! While Trump continues to smash Clinton in attendance at events, Clinton continues to take time off. Clinton has no Clinton campaign rallies scheduled in the foreseeable future.

Of the campaign events held by the candidates in August many were memorable. Earlier in the month, at a small gathering at a union hall in Nevada, Hillary ‘froze’ and needed to be comforted by what appeared to be a medical doctor who got on stage and patted her back while spurring her on. He has since disappeared but Clinton’s episodes have not. At a subsequent event in Florida Clinton froze again. At another speech the crowd in Florida was so small that Hillary put the father of the terrorist who murdered 49 innocents in Orlando in the crowd behind her.

Kissimmee Hillary Shooters dad

In her most recent speech in Nevada to a very small crowd, Hillary attacked Trump and all his supporters by calling them ‘racists’. However, to Hillary’s surprise one gentleman had had enough and when Hillary paused after a rant about the ‘Alt Right’ he screamed ‘Pepe’.

Trump events were memorable too. As noted above, at 7 or more events Trump had overflow crowds. Trump’s crowds were happy, loud, large and excited. The lines to get into Trump events are making news on social media but the mainstream media remains silent concerning Trump’s monstrous crowds. The line on Tuesday to get into the record setting event in Everett, Washington was a good example:

Clinton cannot continue to fall further and further behind to Trump in events, attendance at events and in social media and expect to win the election. However, if Clinton has an episode or another seizure like she had earlier in the month then more and more Americans will know something is wrong with her health.

There is something wrong with Hillary in that she refuses to have campaign events. It may be that she doesn’t want to display the small crowds she is receiving or it may be she is sick. Ultimately when compared to Trump it just looks like very few Americans are interested in her or her campaign.



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