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White House Database Created to Recruit Trump Supporters Destroyed by Deep State

After President Trump won the election, one of the first things that he did was create a website soliciting for new hires in various positions within the Trump Administration. The site offered individuals the opportunity to apply for positions working for the Trump Administration. This site was a way for the Trump team to bring in people who were supportive of the incoming President and who wanted to work for him to Make America Great Again!

Many individuals no doubt signed up to work for the Trump Administration team. I was one of the many individuals who signed up. I have a fantastic position currently working in Hong Kong for a Fortune 500 company, traveling throughout Asia and Australia and the world. I make more money that I ever have. I work with great people. I love what I do – working in the Finance industry as the head of a department overseeing accounting, finance, actuarial, underwriting and operations professionals. I have overseen the financial reporting of billions in revenues. I have audited frauds and major billion dollar enterprises. I have attended Corporate Board meetings around the globe, throughout Asia, Europe and the US. But if President Trump wanted me, I was willing to take a pay cut and go work for him.

I shared in my application that I also supported the President’s campaign by writing for my brother’s website, The Gatewaypundit. I noted that together we had numerous Drudge links and headlines last year during the election (back before Drudge turned against the Trump team). We were the ones reporting on President Trump’s successes. I linked to some of these articles.

I had aspirations of leading investigations and looking into one of the many corrupt activities that occurred during the Obama Administration. Let me look into Crooked Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, the IRS, or any number of criminal activities, I thought. I could tear into so many of the corrupt Washington activities over the past few years. I could easily see the many ‘red flags’ from a professional standpoint indicating severe corruption and criminal actions that must be uncovered. I could see these from Hong Kong, let alone the US. I could help bring these individuals to justice.

So I applied and I waited…. And I waited…. And I waited. I thought that the Trump Administration must not be hiring. I thought, maybe it is just taking some time. Then yesterday I found out why I have not heard from the Administration….

According to Medium a senior White House staffer shared that the applications and resumes in the government database set up by the Trump Administration to solicit new hires at GreatAgain.gov were “accidentally deleted.” The author explains –

…I found myself in a discussion with a senior White House staff member who was explaining how extensively they were struggling to get basic work done because they were severely short staffed. I replied that that was odd since thousands of people across the nation had sent in their resumes to greatagain.gov. Surely there were plenty of applicants to choose from and they would likely all be incredibly invested in the President’s agenda and his success.

The staffer turned to me with an eye roll and a dismissive chuckle saying “Oh that database was accidentally lost…some computer glitch.”

This news is just heartbreaking. Let’s hope and pray that sooner rather than later President Trump discovers that the individuals coming into the Trump Administration are not the supporters of this President. Let’s hope that whomever is responsible for destroying the government database used for soliciting new hires supportive of this President is brought to justice and let’s hope that the best people for the openings in the US government are given a chance to help the President Make America Great Again.

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