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Super Bowl LI New England Patriots Owner, Head Coach and Star QB Praise and Support President Donald Trump

Last night on the Hannity Show on FOX News, Sean Hannity interviewed the New England Patriots team owner Robert Kraft. Kraft’s Patriots are in the Super Bowl for the 7th time since 2000. His team is more successful than any other team in the National Football League during this time. In the interview Kraft discussed his appreciation for his relationship with current President Donald Trump.

Kraft said:

Well he and I, we’ve have never done any business together but we have been friends over 20 years. We’ve had a lot of fun together. I went to his wedding to Melania. Bill and Hillary [Clinton] were sitting at the next table, and


You’ve been part of history in football and politics.


Well, he’s great and he and Melania when my beloved wife died, and which was the most difficult thing in my life, he and Melania came to the funeral and came up Brookline and then they came to may house for Memorial weekend. He called me once a week, once a week for a year, and asked how was I doing and invited me to things and you know we were just friends. No businesses and no we’ve never done business and I’ll never forget that. That’s the kinda guy [he is].

The Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick and star Quarterback Tom Brady both announced the day before the Presidential election their support for winner President Trump.

The Patriots are certainly showing their patriotism supporting President Trump.

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