Still Haunted by Her Inner and Outer Demons Hillary Wears Back Brace for New Zealand Speech | Joe Hoft


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Still Haunted by Her Inner and Outer Demons Hillary Wears Back Brace for New Zealand Speech

Hillary was in New Zealand Monday night for a speaking engagement and book tour. She wore what appears to be a back brace while speaking to another less than half full arena. Her inner and outer demons were on display for the Kiwis. Sad.

Hillary’s health issues are again in the news. One Internet doctor, Dr. Ted Noel, believes that she has Parkinson’s disease. He’s believed this since before the election and provides evidence for his position.

Dr. Noel states –

Even if I’m wrong about Hillary and Parkinson’s disease, it’s very clear that’s she’s quite frail. The very fact that she has to be supported when walking down wide steps makes her look like that great grandmother you see shuffling into church.

Donald Trump is older than she is but is able to outwork most people and still play golf at a level that impresses even touring pros. Add to Hillary’s frailty the mental difficulty her excuse parade reveals and you can see that America dodged a major bullet by not electing her and that’s without all the good things we’re seeing with Donald Trump in the White House.

Hillary spoke to an auditorium in Auckland that seats 12,000 but only 3,000 showed. Some things never change as Hillary had a difficult time filling small high school auditoriums during the election. Her posture was not that of a healthy person and it looks like she’s wearing some sort of back brace.

Even subliminally people around the world know Hillary is sick. One New Zealand announcer introduced her by stating – “Hillary Rodham Clinton knows all about the challenges of standing up!” This could not be more accurate. [fyi – ‘Standing up’ means running for office in New Zealand.]

She ended the evening with visual evidence that she is still hemmed in by her inner and outer demons –

Call an exorcist!

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