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Pro-Hamas Protestors Arrested in NYC

Protestors backing Hamas’s attack, murder, kidnapping and rape of Israeli citizens were arrested yesterday in NYC.

New York City police yesterday began rounding up protestors backing Hamas’s actions in Israel.

By calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, the protestors are supporting the killing, kidnapping and rape of Israeli citizens.

The protestors illegally blocking traffic in NYC were arrested.

The Daily Mail reported that more than 150 protestors were arrested.

More than 150 pro-Palestinian protestors were arrested while calling for a Gaza ceasefire in New York City as demands mount for Biden to stop giving aid to Israel.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered on the steps of the New York City Public Library and marched toward Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Midtown office Friday evening, before blocking traffic on 5th Avenue.

Protestors called for the end of US aid to Israel as it defends itself against Hamas terrorists, who are holding around 200 people hostage since their brutal October 7 slaughtering that killed 1,400 people.


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