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President Trump with 38 Executive Actions to Speaker Ryan’s Paltry 6 Bills Signed into Law

With the Obamacare bill being pulled by President Trump yesterday due to lack of votes, Speaker Ryan’s House has little or nothing to show for itself since the President’s Inauguration on January 20th. Compared to President Trump, Paul Ryan’s House of Representatives looks stagnant! The President has signed 38 game changing executive actions to six rather insignificant pieces of legislation signed into law since the President’s inauguration.

Today, Ryan’s Republicans tried to scrape up the votes to pass a highly unpopular healthcare bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. Eventually President Trump stepped in to pull the bill due to lack of votes.

President Trump is implementing all he can for Americans who struggle daily with financial challenges due to Obamacare and a burdensome federal tax regime. However Speaker Ryan’s Republican House continues to work at a snail’s pace with little or no successful legislation to brag about to date. After eight years of Obama and seven years since Obamacare was first introduced, Speaker Ryan’s Congress could not put together a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare that all Republicans would sign into law.

Alternatively, President Trump has signed 38 executive actions that include banning immigration to the US from certain terrorist nations (twice); protecting law enforcement; enforcing regulatory reform; helping the coal industry; beating ISIS; nominating a new US Supreme Court Justice; building a border wall; completing the Keystone pipeline from Canada; recommending a new fiscal budget; and killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

During the election Speaker Ryan said that he would not defend President Trump, now or in the future, and it looks like he may really have meant it. Because of his statements, it is difficult to tell if Ryan’s House wants to prevent the President’s policies from becoming law.

In early March Speaker Ryan was on Tucker Carlson on Fox News and he bragged that his House had passed bills but blamed the Senate for not passing them. However, the White House shows that only six materially insignificant pieces of legislation have been signed by the President since January 20th. The shocker is that Ryan’s House and the Senate are Republicans like Trump and yet they are apparently unable to provide the President any significant bills to sign.

Hard working Americans have had enough of ‘do nothing’ politicians. This is in part why Donald Trump won the Presidency.

It is hardly a surprise that there are now more and more recommendations for Speaker Ryan to be replaced. Obamacare may have been the last straw for Ryan – America and the Republican Party deserve better.

Americans need action now.

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