HUGE! Body Language Expert Reveals Evelyn Farkas Knew of Trump Surveillance, Is LYING ABOUT IT Now

At the YouTube Channel – Bombard’s Body Language – an expert in body language explains how Evelyn Farkas lied in interviews about statements she made about President Trump and she reveals this in her body language.

Farkas went on several news outlets this week in an effort to cover up the comments she made in early March about the Obama Administration spying on President Trump’s Team before and after the 2016 election. Farkas claimed she said nothing wrong but her statements and body language tell a different story.

In a detailed analysis the expert “Bombard” laughs at how obvious Farkas is in lying about her earlier comments –

I mean that face alone should tell you something – mouth slightly open, eyeballs bigger than saucers, as he reads what she’s done.”

The video was promoted by Intelligence expert Tony Schaffer –