Highlight of Convention – When Trump Said “Corruption Has Reached a Level Like Never Ever Before in Our Country”

Frank Luntz, American political analyst and pollster, was on Hannity last night after Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s acceptance speech. Luntz was at the RNC all week with a focus group of voters.  When asked by Hannity about Trump’s speech, Luntz said –

“Sean, I want to show you first the highest moment of Donald Trump’s speech, because it was the highest moment of anything in this convention in the four days and it specifically spoke about corruption and both Republicans, Independent [and] Democrats dialed it through the roof!”

When asked about the speech, one Independent focus group member said “I came into this #NeverTrump. I’m 39 years old.  That’s the best speech by a Presidential candidate I’ve heard in my entire life!

The next group member who came in backing Bernie Sanders said, “I am now Donald Trump. I feel patriotism.  I feel completely safe.  I felt this love of country. And with a leader like Donald Trump, ok, who believes in the people, the chaos in this country will turn to unity!


See link here starting at the 18:56 minute mark https://youtu.be/FooJJG249IE?t=18m56s


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