DOJ OIG Releases Report on Retired FBI Special Agent Found Involved in Numerous Corrupt Criminal Acts

Earlier today the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General released a report on the review of a retired FBI Special Agent involved in numerous activities that appear criminal in nature.

The DOJ OIG released a report today that shows that a retired FBI Special Agent involved in numerous what appear to be criminal acts –

The Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) initiated this investigation after receiving information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Inspection Division, alleging that an FBI Special Agent (SA), who has since retired, may have contacted witnesses during a federal criminal investigation for an improper purpose.

The OIG found that the SA contacted individuals who he either knew were, or had reasonable belief would be witnesses in the criminal investigation and that the SA’s contacts with several individuals appeared to be designed to improperly influence their prospective testimony. Accordingly, the OIG concluded that the SA’s contacts with the witnesses were improper and constituted misconduct.

During the investigation, the OIG also found that the SA divulged law enforcement sensitive information to unauthorized individuals; misused his government issued electronic devices; provided misleading testimony during a related civil deposition; mishandled classified information; misused his position during contacts with local law enforcement officers; and provided false information to the OIG. Criminal prosecution of the SA was declined.

The OIG has completed its investigation and provided its report to the FBI.

It is currently unknown who the report is about.



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