Democrats Wave Ukrainian Flags for Volodymyr “FiftyPercentSky” for Taking 50 Percent Instead of 10 Percent! | Joe Hoft


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Democrats Wave Ukrainian Flags for Volodymyr “FiftyPercentSky” for Taking 50 Percent Instead of 10 Percent!

The Democrats LOVE a dictator who steals 50 percent of billions of US dollars given to his country. 

The corruption in Ukraine and its embezzling of US money going to the country has led to many Ukrainians dying and many getting very, very rich.

Even CNN reported in February 2023 on the corruption in Ukraine.

Ukrainian authorities have conducted a series of anti-corruption raids across the country, uncovering stashes of cash as well as luxury watches and cars.

Among those caught up in the investigations is the acting head of the Kyiv tax authority, who was allegedly part of a scheme to overlook 45 billion Ukrainian hryvnia ($1.2 billion) in unpaid taxes.

On Wednesday, the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) said that it had found hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, as well as luxury watches and cars, at the tax chief’s residence. CNN is attempting to reach that individual for comment.

Ukraine appears to be a money laundering scheme.  This has been known for some time.

Steve Bannon’s War Room had this to share:

When FDR signed the Lend-Lease Act in 1941 — at Winston Churchill’s urgent request — he set up a system that would allow the US to lend or lease war supplies to any nation deemed “vital to the defence of the United States.”

Not only is Ukraine not — in any way — vital to the defence of the US, Churchill was not grifting 50 PERCENT in backhanders. (Also, the UK actually paid off its WW2 debt — last payment in 2006).

But seeing as our Sociopathic Overlords are keen on FDR-themed metaphors, I have one for them: Congress’s stab-in-the-back on 20 April 2024 is a “Date which will live in Infamy”.

This in part is based on an article at the Financial Times that shares the following:

One of the largest private western investors in Ukraine has claimed that corrupt officials in the country’s security services and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s administration are trying to extort tens of millions of euros from him.

Arnulf Damerau, an Anglo-German businessman and a former adviser to Glencore, told the Financial Times he was being blackmailed by a clique of senior Ukrainian officials.

Western governments have become increasingly concerned over government corruption in Ukraine but have largely held back from making their criticism public as they rally support for Kyiv to shore up its faltering defence against Russian aggression. The war has given space for many of the corrupt networks linked to former president Viktor Yanukovych to reassemble, European security officials say.

Damerau has since August been the co-owner of Cosmolot, a large online gaming and gambling website and the country’s 10th-largest taxpayer.

After being raided in October by the Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine, which accuses it of violating gambling laws and evading €560mn in tax, a series of legal cases and agency-ordered measures have frozen the company’s accounts.

Damerau says the claims against the company are fabricated. Cosmolot only began operating in 2021, after the Ukrainian government changed gambling laws, he noted, and last year had total revenues of €208mn, up from €4.8mn in 2022 and €250,000 in 2021, which are publicly disclosed.

The company, which offers themed small-stakes games online, paid €60mn in taxes last year, official tax filings show. The state tax service signed off on its accounts in August, Damerau said.

According to Damerau, a Ukrainian individual met him in Vienna in December and said the legal challenges to Cosmolot would be dropped if Damerau was willing to transfer control of half of the company to an offshore trust.

50 percent to the “Big Guy FiftyPercentSky” is better than “Ten Percent to the Big Guy”.  Democrats know this and admire it.

This is why the Democrats praise Zelensky.  He takes money laundering to a new level.

Watch Bannon and Harnwell discuss this on the War Room:

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