Ann Coulter: US Senate Should Visit Capitalist Hong Kong before Finalizing Healthcare Bill

Ann Coulter was invited on FOX Business News’ Varney and Company on Friday and she discussed many things with host Stuart Varney including the Senate’s US Health Care plan and capitalist Hong Kong.

In the interview, Coulter mentioned many things, but the highlight was the discussion on the US Healthcare system and Hong Kong:

Coulter: OK, well you were just talking before we went on about how you became a capitalist traveling around the world, you were a hippie and a socialist

Varney: I was not a hippie.

Coulter: And you arrive in Hong Kong and everything’s working and it’s capitalism. OK, apparently the entire Republican caucus needs to go to Hong Kong to remember this little thing capitalism because their healthcare bill is a total disaster. It’s Obamacare light.

Coulter is right. Every conservative American is wondering if the Senate Healthcare Bill is the best solution for the country.

Also, Coulter is spot on when she notes that Hong Kong is a great example of capitalism at work. Hong Kong again has a budget surplus in 2017. This is in spite of the country providing basically free health care to all its citizens and proving free housing for 30% of its population.

Hong Kong is rated number one in the world with the world’s freest economy and Hong Kong is known as the financial center of Asia.

So yes, the US Congress and every American should visit Hong Kong to see what true capitalism can do.

(See also book “Falling Eagle, Rising Tigers” for more information on solutions from Asia that the US should consider to be prosperous again.)

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