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30 Reasons in 30 Days to Vote for Donald Trump – #9 Trump’s Massive Tax Cuts

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As we count down to the November 8th election, we will list 30 reasons in 30 days to vote for Donald Trump for President of the US.

Reason #9 – Trump’s Massive Tax Cuts

Donald Trump’s tax plan will give thousands of dollars back to US taxpayers and companies. Trump’s tax plan is reason enough to vote for Trump because it means thousands of dollars in tax cuts for all tax paying Americans.

How do you kick start a sputtering economy? Allow tax payers to keep more of their hard earned money. These producers then produce more and the economy mushrooms. This is what Kennedy and Reagan did and the results were the same – massive economic growth.

When Liberals talk about taxes they often only refer to the federal income tax rates that apply to Americans but when you count all taxes, the average American can pay nearly 50% of what he/she makes in taxes. Depending on where they live and their habits, the typical American pays federal income tax, state income tax, Social Security, Medicare, personal property tax, real estate tax, sales tax, gas taxes and possibly alcohol or cigarette taxes. All these taxes add up and place a tremendous burden on all American tax payers.

Trump’s plan to cut taxes drastically will save American tax payers thousands of dollars in tax relief.

Trump also proposes lowering taxes for American companies. Again, when Liberals talk about US corporate taxes they almost always only refer to the federal income tax rate that corporations pay which is usually around 35%. But according to a study of corporate and business taxes by the World Bank and accounting powerhouse PWC, the average tax rate for corporations worldwide was 44.8%. This is because when you add the payroll, property, sales and all the taxes that a company pays, their taxes combine to comprise nearly half of their earnings. However, in the US the average total tax rate for corporations is 131%. US companies can’t compete globally with these unreal tax burdens.

Trump’s tax plan drastically simplifies the tax code and therefore reduces costs in tax preparation. The US tax code is massive and complex and Trump’s tax proposal simplifications will save thousands.

The media and Hillary Clinton have been after Trump to release his taxes but to claim that Trump doesn’t pay taxes, is totally false based on the multitude or payroll, sales, real estate and other taxes paid by his companies in the millions.

A vote for Trump is a vote to keep thousands of dollars of your own money through Trump tax refunds and tax cuts. Hillary wants to raise your taxes.

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