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1 thought on “OANN’s Dan Ball with Joe Hoft – Trump Documents Picture Staged”

  1. Hi there Joe,
    I don’t know if this is of interest to you, I know that you have the ear of many Veterans and other Real People through this channel and TGP, so I shall burden you with the question.

    I live just outside Albany in Western Australia and just discovered that during WWII there were significant USN submarine operations based here and further north in Fremantle.

    There is to be a memorial service held on Sunday 26th of May to honor the 3500 USN submariners who are ‘still on patrol’ from Albany.

    I have just been asked to livestream the service on my online radio station, which I will be honored to do. Would the stream of the commemoration service be of any interest to you or any organizations you know?

    It seems a pity that this service takes place every year with no recognition where it is most relevant.

    I realize that time is short, I was only approached about this earlier today.

    I’d really appreciate comments either way. Needless to say, I will provide all background information, schedules and links should you so desire

    Thank you for your time Sir, I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Rod Nation


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