Young Black Men Leaning MAGA – “Black People Are Waking Up” | Joe Hoft


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Young Black Men Leaning MAGA – “Black People Are Waking Up”

The Cartier Family discussed the comments from a black woman going off on the Democrats and Barack Obama. 

These guys are real and courageous.

They listen to a black woman share the truth about Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

Barack Obama was a plant… he didn’t give a damn… He didn’t care about us.  That gave rise to Trump… Barack Obama didn’t give a damn…

The founders of Black Lives Matter, they don’t give a damn about Black people … they espouse an anti-God, anti-America agenda.

This is an incredible video.  These guys are making a difference.


1 thought on “Young Black Men Leaning MAGA – “Black People Are Waking Up””

  1. This is a wonderful article. Dads, Husbands, Brothers, Sons and Grandsons are so important to all our lives. May all males stand up and realize how truly wonderful they are in molding families, providing safety, working hard and fighting for our country.

    Mother, Grandmother, Godmother, Wife, Sister, Daughter and Cub Scout leader to many, many wonderful sons, grandsons, co-workers and Scouts.


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