WTH: UK Fears President Trump Who “Endangers the UK’s Most Vital Interests” | Joe Hoft


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WTH: UK Fears President Trump Who “Endangers the UK’s Most Vital Interests”

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The UK is at it again.  They fear President Trump.  What will they do next? 

We published a series of articles on the UK and its connections with the assassinations of Presidents Lincoln, McKinley and Kennedy.  This was a warning for President Trump.

The British Part V: The British Kill John F. Kennedy

We saw President Trump hit with a Russia-Collusion lie that started in England and lasted most of his term.  This was an attempt to remove President Trump from office.

Then we saw the stolen election.

The problem is no one can stop President Trump because represents American freedom.  The Deep State never imagined that one person could capture so much trust from Americans that no matter what lies and ops they threw at him, he was always the winner.

The corrupt and criminal Deep State is worried.  They can’t stop Trump.

This weekend UK publication The Guardian warned that President Trump threatened UK’s most vital interests.

A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of Donald Trump. In London, Paris, Berlin and every other significant European capital, bar Moscow, the horror sequel no one sane wants to see is Trump – The Return: “No more Mr Nice Guy”.

Having spent the last three years being much too nonchalant about the threat of him recapturing the White House, British politicians and their counterparts elsewhere in Europe can no longer deny to themselves that a Trump second coming is terrifyingly possible. The shock is the sharper for having been preceded by so much complacency.

Why would the Brits be terrified?  Why would the Brits continue to push the false narrative of a Trump special relationship with Russia?  Could it be that President Trump will undress the UK’s foreign policy and work with the Deep State to destroy America?  Could it be that the their sins will finally be confessed?  What are these sins?

Why is it that sinners squeal loudest when caught?


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