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WTH: Corrupt and Criminal Judge Merchan’s Jury Instructions are 50 Pages Long – He Won’t Provide to Jury

Judge Merchan

Corrupt Judge Merchan won’t provide 50 pages of jury instructions to the jury.  He only will tell them what they mean.  WTH!

Judge Merchan is doing all he can to imprison President Trump.  He’ll go down as the most corrupt Judge in US history, even worse than all the corrupt Obama and Biden judges.  What a total communist disgrace the Democrat Party has become.

Paul Ingrassia shared this:

BREAKING: Merchan is doubling down on his commitment to not provide the jury with written instructions, which is not customary for most courts.

In a case as convoluted as this one, in particular, where most lawyers and veteran legal analysts have difficulties wrapping their heads around the law, it is unfathomable why Merchan would only want to further complicate things by not providing written jury instructions.

His motive is clear: like any tyrant, he alone wants complete control over the law, and how it should be applied. This is a subtle form of jury tampering. He is intimidating the jurors, 10 of 12 of whom are not lawyers, into pressuring them to seek advisement from Merchan, who can then guide the verdict in the way he thinks is best by telling them how the law must be interpreted.

Here is his tweet:

Even NBC sees this as a $hit$how.

Kyle Becker shared this:

Judge Merchan has instructed the jury they do not need to have a *UNANIMOUS* verdict in order to convict former President Donald J. Trump.

“One thing in particular that the judge said the jurors could do. He delivered what is being called really the pinnacle of all of this. There is no need to agree on what has occurred. They can disagree on what the crime was among the three choices.”

“This means they could split 4-4-4 and the judge would still treat them unanimously. What does that mean?”

“Outrageous. In a normal criminal case every statutory crime has what we call elements of the offense. Like in a bank robbery case you have to rob – it has to be a financial institution, you have to show intent,” said former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy.

“Those are the things the jury has to agree on unanimously that they were proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Here what we’re doing is taking the element that actually makes this a felony, because remember falsification of records is normally a misdemeanor in New York. What makes it a felony is that you are concealing or committing another crime.”

“And here the judge is telling them they don’t have to agree about what the other crime is under circumstances where that not only is what makes this a felony, makes it a four-year potential prison penalty rather than a year or less, but it is also what gets us into the courtroom.”

“If this had been a misdemeanor, the time to bring this case would have lapsed in 2019. The only reason they are still able to bring this case is because it’s a felony allegedly and yet now the judge is saying you know, you don’t have to agree on what the felony is.”

The jury has now gone to deliberations.

Here is more:

Monica Crowley calls this what it is.

If America doesn’t rid itself of corrupt judges, it will  continue on this communist Hitler-Venezuela downward spiral.  

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