WOW – Biden “Field Officer” Says Blacks Can’t Succeed in a Merit Based System | Joe Hoft


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WOW – Biden “Field Officer” Says Blacks Can’t Succeed in a Merit Based System

Every once and a while the racists leading the Democrat Party slip and show what they really think.

Biden “Field Organizer” Erica Marsh let her feelings out yesterday and was destroyed for it.  This is what the Democrats really think about black people.  This is why they steal all their votes in the big cities and vote for them for Democrats.

Ms. Marsh shared the following on Twitter after Affirmative Action was destroyed by the court.

After being bombarded for her racist remarks she attempted to cover her tracks by labeling Americans who want to make the country great – ULTRA MAGA – as if they were the only ones to notice her racist remark:

Allow me to clarify this tweet, which is being manipulated for propaganda and misinformation by ULTRA MAGA. The intention of my tweet is to highlight that prior to affirmative action, there existed a supposedly merit-based system for Black individuals to gain admission to colleges. However, these institutions employed racial profiling to prevent Black individuals from attending under the guise of this “merit” system. I want to emphasize that my statement in no way suggests that Black individuals are less intelligent than people of other races.

Roger Stone called her out on her obviously racist remarks saying it was too late:

The Democrats are the party of the southern slave owners, the Confederacy, the KKK, Segregation, etc…  More proof they haven’t changes a bit. 

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