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Worst. President. Ever: Obama’s the Most Racist President in 50 Years – Since Democrat LBJ

In the 1960’s when the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing, Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) repeatedly referred blacks in America with the ‘N’ word.

LBJ was a racist and tapes of his discussions while President prove it.

The White House didn’t house an individual as racist as LBJ in nearly 50 years until President Barack Obama was elected into the Office in 2008. Obama and Democrats lost white working class voters across the US throughout his Presidency. His anti-white racism rants and support for criminal black rioters led to the Democrat Party losing the white vote.

The map below shows how Obama lost working class white voters in every state since taking office except for Vermont and Massachusetts.

New York Times

Barack Obama’s attacks against white America and white privilege and his railing against white working class Americans cost Democrats the election.

It is difficult for some to contemplate that a black man could be racist, let alone the first black President, but indeed he was.

Obama defended the robbers and hosted Black Lives Matter in the White House.

The Black Lives matter led to several police deaths, lootings and burned businesses.

Throughout his Presidency Obama launched disturbing racist attacks against White Americans. Only a racist would identify people by color in the manner that Obama did throughout his Presidency. America thought that it was beyond racism and the color of an individual’s skin when it voted in its first black president. Ironically, Obama and the Democrat Party tore into America and never let up with his gibberish about the victimhood of race. This man with a Harvard education was lecturing middle America about privilege.

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There is even a book on this subject:

Now there’s a Book: ‘Obama – The Worst President in History!’

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