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Worst. President. Ever: Obama’s Failed Stimulus

When running for the office of the Presidency, Barack Obama pledged to be transparent and provide all Americans the opportunity to read all government bills before being signed.

This promise ended a few weeks after his inauguration. The ‘Stimulus’ bill was prepared behind closed doors by Democrats only. It was passed in the House and Senate by Democrats with no Republican input. Once instituted it was a US financial nightmare and another trillion dollar debt laid on American taxpayers’ backs.

Seven years later when Hillary Clinton ran for President she proposed another stimulus to move the economy forward. The National Review responded to her proposal:

The left insists on replaying this vinyl record though President Obama’s mega-stimulus failed in every measurable regard. Over the period 2009 to 2013, job creation was significantly below what the White House promised. Unemployment was higher each year than what the White House had projected it would be without the stimulus. If Obama had simply done nothing in 2009, the economy would have produced more jobs.

Even worse was growth much lower than expected. The combined loss of GDP in these years from what was predicted adds up to a growth deficit of over $2 trillion. This is the equivalent of losing a year’s output from the states of Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The Stimulus was horrible and ultimately turned out to be a Democrat scam to hand out billions to fellow Democrats. Many companies led by Democrats were given money to create ‘green energy’ business alternatives. Many of them like Solyndra went bust but only after the officers of these companies used the handouts to support lavish living standards. Representative Paul Ryan went on record noting that billions of dollars were provided to companies like Solyndra.

Jobs in the millions were lost under the Obama years and yet Obama rationalized that these job losses proved that the stimulus worked?

The idea of creating and saving US jobs never occurred to Obama. The Stimulus was a trillion dollar bust and American taxpayers again are stuck with the bill. It was the beginning of Obama’s Presidency and one of his first actions that showed he was not going to keep the promises he made to Americans. He was not going to be transparent and he didn’t give a damn how Americans felt about it.

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