Woman Who Found Pipe Bomb Outside RNC Has Ties to the FBI and FirstNet | Joe Hoft


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Woman Who Found Pipe Bomb Outside RNC Has Ties to the FBI and FirstNet

FirstNet employee with connections to the FBI identified pipe bomb outside RNC on Jan 6.  What is really going on?

We reported over the past 48 hours on new evidence coming out about the pipe bombs found at the RNC and DNC on Jan 6.  The pipe bomber has never been found and now we know it was an undercover cop who located the pipe bomb outside the DNC.

Three Years After Jan 6 It’s Revealed that Individual Who Found Pipe Bomb Near DNC Was Undercover Cop

We also learned that the cops and secret service agents, after apparently being told of the pipe bomb located next to where they were sitting didn’t seem to be concerned at all.

Capitol Police and Secret Service Had an “IMPOSSIBLE LACK OF CONCERN” When Notified of Pipe Bomb Only 10 Feet Away

Today Julie Kelly pulled up her report from a few years back on the woman who identified the pipe bomb outside the RNC.

I once again applaud my friend @DarrenJBeattie for more outstanding work on exposing the hoax that is the J6 pipe bomber. No one has done more important work and today’s report is a game changer.

Just to add to his bombshell today, I am reposting my reporting from Feb 2022 that… pic.twitter.com/S5T6yZ9C5l

— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) January 19, 2024

Professor and attorney David Clements reported the following on the same woman.  This all took place after the FirstNet/AT&T facility was blown up on Christmas day in Nashville.

What are the odds that all this was a setup and a coverup?

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