Woman Spits on Cop During Chicago Police Protest of Mayor Emanuel Anti-Police Policies

During a police protest in Chicago over the anti-police policies of Chicago’s crooked Mayor Rahm Emanuel, an unidentified angry woman spit on a cop!  Disgusting – Lock her up!

The Chicago Police are protesting the policies of their Mayor Emanuel that prevent them from doing their job. The Mayor is personal friend and accomplice of former President Obama. During their protest a woman was caught spitting on one of the cops.

That policeman deserves a medal for not retaliating to the radical disgusting female spitter. She on the other hand needs to be arrested and put in jail.

President Trump tweeted his support for the police in Chicago stating they have every right to protest how the mayor will not let them do their job.

The police in our country do outstanding work under very stressful conditions while protecting all Americans.  They should be praised and not spit on for their courage and desire to do what’s right.  God bless all police this Memorial Day weekend.

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