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WNBA Failing – Needs “To Make It Work” with Caitlin Clark

The WNBA has failed as well as the Indiana coach Christie Sides in onboarding Caitlin Clark. 

Everyone who has followed Caitlin Clark throughout the past few years believes that the Indian Fever coach Christie Sides is horrible.  The second year head coach who had one of the worst records in the WNBA last year is off to an 0-2 start with the greatest player in the game, Caitlin Clark having her lowest scoring games in years.

But the other culprit in the WNBA’s demise in destroying their golden goose is the WNBA. Colin Cowherd made this point late this week.

On Friday’s episode of the Herd with Colin Cowherd, the renowned well-respected analyst ripped into the league for how they are mistreating their star.

“28th year of the WNBA,” said Cowherd. “They have never had a player either good enough or interesting enough to drive marketing, revenue, or TV ratings so that the entire league can fly private. They fly commercial like the rest of us. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been good players. Very good players. But Caitlin Clark, who never played until a week ago, in a WNBA game is the first player…they’re banking on her.

“And I say banking literally. They’re literally going now to private flights for two years. The money they’re gonna spend on that is more than the WNBA payroll. So they finally have this moment. Don’t put Caitlin Clark up in the first four games against New York twice and Connecticut twice, the best defensive teams.”

Here is Cowherd’s dialog:

The WNBA did a great job with the draft.  They portrayed their beautiful great athletes in the best light.  It was perfect.

Now the WNBA must figure out how to fix the mess they are in after only two games. 

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  1. I watched game 3 on Saturday. There are two ball Hogs that won’t get her the ball. Even with that Caitlin had 10 points in the first 7 Minutes of the game and the coach took her out. The coach isn’t too bright.


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