With the Many Issues Uncovered Recently with Voting Systems – Why Did FOX News Settle for Nearly a Billion Dollars with Dominion? | Joe Hoft


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With the Many Issues Uncovered Recently with Voting Systems – Why Did FOX News Settle for Nearly a Billion Dollars with Dominion?

FOX News paid Dominion voting systems nearly a billion dollars in a defamation suit.  Why did they do it?

FOX News was in a difficult situation when Dominion Voting systems sued the company for defamation after the 2020 election.  The corrupt judge in Delaware was biased and believed all the accusations that FOX made about Dominion were false.

SHOCKER: Democrat Judge in FOX News-Dominion Case Says All Statements About Dominion Were False

Even with a corrupt judge, there were many questions about what FOX News settled without a fight.

As noted at the time of the settlement, why did FOX roll over and pay nearly $1 billion to Dominion so quickly?

1. The most obvious question about this settlement is why did FOX settle for such an astronomical amount.  This is a lot of money.  Did FOX really believe that this was the best they could do?  The remaining questions surround this first question.

2. For the most part per many Trump supporters’ position, FOX did very little after November 3rd to say much about the election at all.  A number of FOX news viewers were very upset with FOX on election night and never watched them since.  So what actually did FOX say that was so terrible?

3. It’s not a crime to report the news.  Media outlets often share what others report.  Why would FOX feel that their duty to report the news was not a strong defense in this case? FOX and its hosts have the right to their own opinions and are permitted to conduct investigations even if they don’t believe it’s legit.  But if the public believes it, FOX has the right to report the news.

4. Why did FOX News think they would lose their argument that they did not mean to defame Dominion?  This is a difficult barrier to meet in any suit similar to this one.  Actual malice is the standard that Dominion had to meet.  Evidently, FOX’s lawyers felt that Dominion would win at trial.


5. Why did FOX not rely on the facts from its discovery?  Eric Coomer, the former executive of Dominion, and many others had issues with the system, saying “our sh*t is just riddled with bugs”.


6. Why did FOX News not rely on the information available on Dominion discovered and reported by The Gateway Pundit and other publications?

6a. We know from the New Mexico audit after the 2020 Election that the Dominion Auditing Machines can fill in ballots.


6b. We know from Tennessee and New Mexico that an erroneous code was found on Dominion voting machines.  This came after the machines were reportedly certified.


6c. We know that Professor J. Alex Halderman, from the University of Michigan, audited Dominion Voting Machines in Georgia after the 2020 Election, and corrupt Obama Judge Totenberg will not to this day release this report.  (Why did FOX News not demand to see it?)

The government agency, CISA, released a report that was in response to the issues identified in the Halderman report (that we are not allowed to see).  We know this because a CISA report says so:

J. Alex Halderman, University of Michigan, and Drew Springall, Auburn University, reported these vulnerabilities to CISA.

The report then lists a number of significant issues with the Dominion election system used in the 2020 Election in Georgia.

Professor Halderman gave a presentation in 2019 where he described the many issues with voting systems used in US elections.  Why did FOX News attorneys not reach out to Halderman?

7. Why would FOX News not go to court and present these issues and more?  We may never know what their rationale was for the settlement.  Regardless, the left loves the news.

The settlement supports the narrative that the 2020 election was legit when in actuality it never should have been certified (see my books on this subject here). 

This week additional information came out about the voting systems used in US elections.  These systems are not secure.  US corporations would never allow systems that aren’t secure to be used in production, yet we use them in our elections. 

SHUT THEM DOWN: Evidence Released In Arizona, Michigan and South Dakota This Week Proves the Election Systems Are NOT Secure!

CannCon asks again the big question –

What is the real reason for FOX News’s settlement with Dominion?

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