With the DOJ IG’s Report Forthcoming – We’ll Soon Know if IG Horowitz is a Good Guy or Deep State | Joe Hoft


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With the DOJ IG’s Report Forthcoming – We’ll Soon Know if IG Horowitz is a Good Guy or Deep State

As we noted in January, there are a few heroes to date in the Obamagate scandal – the Republicans in the House including Devin Nunez, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and others; Senator Charles Grassley from Iowa and his Senate Judiciary Committee; patriots in the media like Sean Hannity and others at FOX News; and, the growing conservative websites on the Internet like this one.

We will soon know whether the DOJ IG is a hero as well. Let’s hope this guy is good.

In January we said that many in the media were getting excited about the upcoming release of the IG’s report into his investigation of abuses at the DOJ. But if it turns out that Horowitz is part of the deep state, the report may be disappointing.

It’s now been another five months since the above comments were first posted and we have yet to see the IG’s report. Some expect that the report may finally come out this week. Once it’s released we should finally know for sure if IG Horowitz is a good guy or just another Deep State slug.

Is IG Horowitz a Good Guy?

There’s reason to believe that Horowitz is a good guy. In January Horowitz announced that he located the corrupt former FBI Lead Inspector Peter Strzok and counterpart Lisa Page’s text messages that the FBI said were lost –

In a letter to congressional leaders, Inspector General Michael Horowitz said his office “succeeded in using forensic tools” to recover messages between senior FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page during a key five-month period ending the day special counsel Robert Mueller III was appointed to investigate possible coordination between the Kremlin and Trump’s campaign. The missing messages have sparked a political firestorm in recent days, as GOP leaders and the president have questioned how the FBI failed to retain them.

Mueller hired both Strzok and Page on his team of corrupt and conflicted Trump-Russia investigators. They were part of the biased group of far left Obama and Clinton supporters hired by Mueller. Strzok and Page were removed from the team after his text messages were selected in an investigation carried out by the IG. When identified, the IG notified Mueller who then removed Strzok and Page from his team. The claim was that they were biased against President Trump and therefore removed, however, this didn’t hold water because Mueller’s whole team is that way.

Horowitz is credited with pushing for more transparency in the government and assisted in setting up a website to provide up to date IG report releases to the public.

Horowitz also released a report related to the 2016 election and this was in relation to Andrew McCabe. The IG’s report appeared fair and well written. He subsequently recommended charges against McCabe. (But in the report itself, the IG reported that Obama’s DOJ tried to throw McCabe under the bus in the months leading up to the election. So if no other corrupt government individuals are outed for their obvious crimes in the upcoming report, Horowitz would appear to be just another member of Deep State.)

Is IG Horowitz a Card Carrying Member of Deep State?

Horowitz was nominated by President Obama in July 2011 to be Inspector General of the DOJ. Before this he was at Harvard where he was groomed by the likes of individuals like former corrupt US Representative Barney Frank.

Prior to working in private practice, Mr. Horowitz worked in DOJ from 1991 to 2002. In the early 1990s, he worked for former fired FBI Director Comey while the two of them were in the Southern District of New York.

The fact that Horowitz was IG at the DOJ since 2012 under the Obama Administration is concerning. There is no evidence that he ordered an inspection into AG Lynch when it was reported that she met with President Clinton on a tarmac in 2016 and then a week later when Hillary Clinton was given a pass by crooked FBI Director Comey. We don’t know that the IG looked into any number of Obama era crimes and corrupt actions. We don’t know that he looked into the reasons for why the DOJ is delaying emails and documents to Congress or Judicial Watch concerning scandals during the Obama years. The biggest and highest risk areas of the Obama era were never touched or never had any issues identified and reported to the public.

(Subsequent to our January post, many readers commented to suggest that Horowitz had his hand’s tied by Obama’s former AG Holder who changed the rules by allowing government officials to decide which documents to hand over to the IG and his team when requested.)

When crooked Rod Rosenstein was in front of Congress he kept referring to the IG’s pending report into the DOJ and Rosenstein acted as if he knew that IG Horowitz was going to give him and the DOJ a pass.

IG Horowitz stated that he has located all the text messages that the FBI reported as missing but we really don’t know yet whether he has them all and what is in them. We also don’t know what is in his report into DOJ abuse.

In January Horowitz cancelled his meeting in front of Congress after Congress sent the four page FISA report to the President for release. Did the IG cancel because he wanted to determine what was in the FISA memo so that his investigation’s report was not materially different?

We should know soon whether the DOJ IG is a good guy or just another member of the Deep State. Obama was so corrupt! There is still much to do to drain the swamp!


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