With Days Away from Taiwan’s Elections – CCP Putting Pressure on Taiwanese to Vote for China | Joe Hoft


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With Days Away from Taiwan’s Elections – CCP Putting Pressure on Taiwanese to Vote for China

Taiwan Election

The CCP is behind efforts to force Taiwanese to vote for Chinese candidates in the upcoming election.

Taiwanese politicians are warning the people of the small island country of what happened to Hong Kong.

As Taiwan heads to the polls tomorrow in an election bound to shape its relationship with China, voters are being called to think of Hong Kong.

The Chinese territory, where critics say a crackdown on dissent after 2019 protests threatens cherished freedoms, has been cited as a cautionary tale by politicians and voters in Taiwan who say they could expect similar treatment from Beijing, which has not ruled out the use of force in unifying with the self-ruling island democracy it claims as its own.

Addressing voters last month, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen pointed to Hong Kong as she dismissed China’s framing of the election as “a choice between war and peace.”

“Does anyone want war? Nobody does,” she said at a rally. “Look at Hong Kong and think of Taiwan. We don’t want Hong Kong-style peace. We want dignified peace.”

Tsai’s vice president, Lai Ching-te, the front-runner in the presidential race, criticized the crackdown in Hong Kong on Tuesday, saying that if China were successful in intervening in Taiwan, “Taiwan’s democracy will not exist.”

Rather than electing a president, Lai said, Taiwan would be “electing a chief executive, just like Hong Kong.”

These people are correct.  I was in Hong Kong in 2019 and China came in and took over the country.  China first chose who the people could vote for for CEO of Hong Kong.  Then China stole the upper house of the legislature.  Then when the people in Hong Kong voted almost 100% for non-China related candidates in 2019 in the lower house, the law was changed to take away all power from the lower house and then arrested the most ardent opposers of China.

Taiwan is facing elections in a few days and China is pushing for the pro-China candidates.

Bradley Thayer joined the War Room to discuss the situation in Taiwan.

Col. Ret. John Mills is also in Taiwan overseeing the election. He shared the following, stating that the anti-Chinese party has a huge following with over 100,000 at its last rally in Taiwan.

The anti-China politicians are seeing large crowds like Trump rallies.  It’s clear the people stand behind their independence and freedom.  We’ll see if they have fair and transparent elections.  



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