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Wisconsin Votes to Eliminate Zuckerbucks in the State


Zuckerbucks are officially outlawed in Wisconsin. 

In 2020, nearly a half a billion dollars were spent across the nation to swing the votes in numerous key states and counties.  This money was provided by Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his wife.  This was addressed the book, The Steal – Volume 1: Setting the Stage (available her along with Volumes II and III).

Up until 2020, election operations have always been funded by government budgets or grants.

But in the 2020 cycle, unknown millions in private grant money from a Chicago-based nonprofit called the Center for Tech and Civic Life [CTCL] was doled out directly to township and village election clerks to spend on a wide variety of apolitical election needs.

The nonprofit received nearly $400 million in donations from Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, which was spent on nearly 2,500 elections across the nation.

(We really don’t know what the money was used for across the country but I suspect it was used to pay people for their votes which is totally illegal.)

This week in Wisconsin, the state voted to eliminate Zuckerbucks in the state.

Patriot Jefferson Davis from Wisconsin shared the following:

Wisconsin Election Integrity Supporters Overwhelmingly Pass Constitutional Amendments Banning Zuckerberg

Bravo to all Wisconsin Election Integrity Supporters for your outstanding work in getting two constitutional amendments passed overwhelmingly on April 2nd to permanently ban Mark Zuckerberg, his Staff, his equipment and his money from ever interfering with the administration of elections in Wisconsin again.

After nearly 4 years of absolute frustration, disappointment and emotional despair, when it seemed that Wisconsin would just have to accept that Mark Zuckerberg would permanently have a place at the table to administer elections in Wisconsin into perpetuity, the electors came through and sent a clear message to America and the world that Mark Zuckerberg and his billions are not welcomed in Wisconsin!

Here are the main takeaways from April 2nd’s overwhelming vote to ban Mark Zuckerberg from ever interfering with the administration of elections in Wisconsin ever again:

  • Zuckerberg strongly benefited heavy democrat areas in Wisconsin to get out the vote in 2020 with his $10.3 million in orders to Clerks in the Wisconsin 5 that affected the outcome of the election including illegal absentee ballot drop boxes (click hereThe Wisconsin “Zuckerbucks” Problem: New Data Reveals Private Funding of Election Offices Was More Widespread Than Initially Estimated (thefga.org)).
  • The Republican Leadership Teams passed legislation to ban Zuckerberg since 2021, but the Governor’s Office vetoed that legislation because the Governor’s Office wanted Zuckerberg’s Staff and funds to administer Wisconsin elections instead of our Clerks in some areas, which is why the constitutional amendments were necessary (click hereGov. Tony Evers vetoed these bills. They could be reconsidered if Tim Michels is elected governor – WPR).  The Governor’s Office cannot veto passed constitutional amendments and they cannot be appealed in Court.
  • Constitutional Amendment Question 1 (banning Zuckerberg money) passed 55%-45% (+/-) and Constitutional Amendment Question 2 (banning Zuckerberg Staffers) passed 59%-41% (+/-) (click hereWisconsin presidential primary, spring election live results (wisn.com)).
  • Registered Voter Turnout (RVT) was approximately 34% (+/-).  According to the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), there are approximately 3.4 million (+/-) eligible registered electors in the WisVote Database.  Approximately 1.16 million registered eligible electors participated in the April 2nd election or approximately 34%, which is a pretty good RVT in an election that really didn’t have much of anything of significance on the ballot with the Presidential Primary winners having already been decided.  This shows that election integrity does matter.  Many parts of the state were hit with extreme weather.
  • According to WEC, 261,290 eligible registered electors participated in the April 2nd election via an absentee ballot or about 22% of the total votes cast.
  • Election Integrity Supporters must be vigilant though to report any attempts from Zuckerberg as he and others have rebranded their election interference plans for 2024 through the following 3 back-door attempts to administer our elections:
  1. BRIC/FEMA $700 million – click here –  Group Behind ‘Zuckbucks’ Is Now Meddling In The 2024 Election (thefederalist.com).
  2. US Alliance for Election Excellence $80 million – click here – ‘Zuck Bucks 2.0’: Zuckerberg-funded group pushing millions to influence local election offices, report says | Fox News.
  3. Cities Forward $1 million to City of Milwaukee – click here – Milwaukee takes more than $1 million in ‘Zuckerbucks’ ahead of vote to ban private election funding | Just The News.
  4. City of Madison US Alliance for Election Excellence $1.5 million – click here – Madison poised to get $1.5 million from nonprofit that promp (americanvotersalliance.org)

These are the ones we know of, there may be more.

Congratulations to all in Wisconsin who outlawed this corrupt process used to steal the 2020 Election from President Trump.  

3 thoughts on “Wisconsin Votes to Eliminate Zuckerbucks in the State”

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  2. HaHa “Suckerbucks” was one of a myriad of ways the EUNUCH GOP allowed the 2020 steal. Not to worry its going to happen again and again we will get the same strongly worded tweets from the EUNUCH GOP.


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