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Wisconsin Electors Who Supported President Trump Win Case – Didn’t Commit Crimes – Pay Nothing


The Deep State went after Americans who knew President Trump won the 2020 Election and who legally volunteered to be electors in states where the election was stolen. 

See my books on the 2020 Election to learn how the 2020 Election never should have been certified and why it was therefore stolen.

In Wisconsin, those who agreed to be electors were sued by the state for doing what was there right – to choose to be electors for President Trump.

But you wouldn’t know how it turned out based on the local news.

The Democratic-linked lawsuit against Wisconsin’s so-called “fake” electors has settled with the alternate electors paying nothing in damages and maintaining they did nothing personally wrong.

You wouldn’t know that from the news; at least two news outlets – the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Channel 3000 out of Madison – changed their initially misleading headlines.

In fact, the alternate electors specifically did NOT admit personal culpability or liability, a settlement document obtained by WRN shows.

“No Admission of Liability. The Plaintiffs acknowledge and agree that, by entering into this settlement, the Elector Defendants are not admitting any liability or culpability,” the settlement agrees.

We previously wrote a story explaining 11 reasons that exonerate the fake electors. They are highly unlikely to face any criminal wrongdoing for a host of reasons; one of them being that they would have to be charged in their home counties, and several live in counties with Republican DAs.

The plaintiffs, including two Joe Biden electors (one a former DNC member), dismissed their lawsuit in the December 6 settlement agreement. The plaintiffs were seeking $2.4 million. They are getting no monetary award – zero – from the alternate electors, and they also aren’t getting attorneys’ fees or expenses, either.

Furthermore, the alternate electors reiterated in the settlement document that they agreed to serve as alternate electors not because they were trying to illegally overturn the 2020 presidential election, but rather because “they were told that it was necessary to preserve their electoral votes in the event a court challenge may later change the outcome of the election in Wisconsin.” In other words, the alternate electors were trying to preserve President Donald Trump’s ability to serve as president in the event he prevailed in court, as litigation was still ongoing.

We are living in alternate realities – the truth and the lies. 


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