Winners (Trump, Rubio, Ingraham and Newt) and Losers (Cruz and Lib Media) from Wednesday Night RNC | Joe Hoft


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Winners (Trump, Rubio, Ingraham and Newt) and Losers (Cruz and Lib Media) from Wednesday Night RNC

Another night of great TV at the RNC! Wednesday night at the RNC resulted in some clear winners and losers – here is a brief list –

Winners –

There were many winners Wednesday including the Republican Party, the RNC, the police for protecting all participants, the many good speakers, Scott Walker, Eric Trump, etc.

Political Commentator Laura Ingraham was a real winner with a great speech which ended with her encouraging all of the record setting 17 bona fide candidates for Republican Candidate for President (more candidates than any major party in history) to get behind Trump and then telling the media to do their job (ie. Be honest) –

(Of course the losers here – the liberal media – proved what losers they are in reporting a lie afterwards that Ingraham gave the Nazi salute at the end of her speech.)

Marco Rubio was a winner for supporting Trump in a short video provided to the crowd but a loser for not being there in person.

Ted Cruz was the real loser. When he declined to recommend to all Republicans to vote for Trump, the Republican nominee, the New York contingent in the front started chanting “Vote for Trump”. Upon hearing this ‘Lying Ted’ stated to the New Yorkers – “I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation!”

Cruz came across bitter, arrogant and cold – perhaps all results of his Canadian upbringing proving once again that we should never vote for a Canuck for US President.


Newt Gingrich gave a great speech and showed the winner he is. He even inserted comments about Cruz’s error in not backing Trump by encouraging all participants to as Cruz said – to vote constitutionally which Gingrich translated as voting only for Trump since Hillary will never follow the law.

Mike Pence was a winner with his speech and Donald Trump the real winner in picking Pence for his running mate.

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