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Will the Real John Fetterman Stand Up? Who Is This Guy? What Is He?

Will the real John Fetterman stand up?

In the 2022 the Senate race in Pennsylvania ended with a Democrat man who literally could not communicate winning over a prominent doctor who was renowned on TV.  To me this election clearly was stolen.  The people of Pennsylvania did not vote in John Fetterman for the Senate.  His race was stolen.

Fetterman had a horrid past.  He was a mama’s boy for years.  He was somehow elected mayor of a small town and then catapulted to the state and national scene.  His policies were far, far left and he hates this country.

Then he had a stroke.  After this and before the 2022 Senate race Fetterman couldn’t communicate.  He could no understand what you were saying.  He also made no sense when he communicated.  He was an embarrassment and the whole country wondered why he wasn’t pulled from the race.

Clown World – Philadelphia Inquirer Says Fetterman Won Last Night’s Debate – What Were They Looking At?

Fetterman has been absent from the Senate after he stole the seat in Pennsylvania.  The people there better get their elections fixed or they will only get worse politicians.

These past few days Fetterman has appeared out of nowhere and he is suddenly able to understand what people are saying.  He still wears shorts and dresses like some guy in his living room. In a recent interaction with a reporter he looked insane but he did know what she was saying.

Now people are starting to wonder if that is even Fetterman.

Rep. Matt Gaetz remarked on the new Fetterman.

And there is more:

Who is John Fetterman?

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