Will the Georgia Board of Elections Decide to Move Forward with the Investigation into Secretary of State Raffensperger This Week? | Joe Hoft


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Will the Georgia Board of Elections Decide to Move Forward with the Investigation into Secretary of State Raffensperger This Week?

Raffensperger and Sterling

The Georgia State Elections Board to decide this week whether to move forward with investigation into corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger after his Chief Counsel threatened a Georgia official and judge. 

As we previously reported the 2020 Election in Georgia never should have been certified.  The results were uncertifiable.

Per an audit of the Dominion systems used in Georgia, the systems were determined to not be secure.  Bad actors could hack into them and flip an election.

Halderman Report Released After Being Hidden for Two Years Shows that Elections Can Easily Be Stolen by Bad Actors

The processes surrounding the 2020 Election were a mess as well.  Ballots were counted after hours behind closed doors with no supervisors present.  An individual hired was hired by the state to review the mess in Fulton County based on prior election failures.  He reported that the place was a mess.  “Order is starting to breakdown”, Carter Jones wrote after reviewing the operations in Fulton County on election night.  “Ralph newly re-scanned some ballots that had already been processed by Shaye.”

As was reported, Georgia officials covered up the mess in Fulton County after it all occurred.

Not only were the systems and processes messed up, but the ballots were messed up as well.  To this day there are over 140,000 ballots that citizens have been prevented to audit due to the corrupt Secretary of State’s office.  These ballots reportedly all looked the same and like carbon copies and were included in the election.  They were identified during the recount also known as the Risk Limiting Audit (RLA) and they have been blocked for review in the courts since the election.  Although the Georgia Supreme Court ruled a year ago that the citizens in the state can review these ballots, the Secretary of State and the courts are preventing this from happening.

Rasmussen reports tweeted recently on this matter:

Raffensperger certified uncertifiable results in Georgia’s 2020 Election.  No corporate entity would ever certify financials as messed up as the 2020 Election results were in Georgia.

Investigation SEBBI2023-001 started when SEB member Judge William Duffey reported to the Secretary of State’s office that he was recommending an investigation be done of the Secretary of State’s office.  

In response Judge Duffey was threatened by the General Counsel of the SoS office Charlene McGowan. 

Attorney McGowan wrote to Judge Duffey and shared:

I understand that you have asked Sara to open up a new case on Mr. Rossi’s complaint against the Secretary of State’s office regarding the posting of the county-level RLA results for the 2020 Election.  I have instructed our investigations division that this office will not be opening up a case on this complaint, for several reasons.

She ends her message with a threat,  She sounds like a mafia boss:

I trust with this information that the Board will inform Mr. Rossi that no case will be opened on this matter

Here is her letter:

After receiving Ms. McGowan’s email Judge Duffey decided not to accept McGowan’s attempts to shut down the investigation.  He decided to look at other alternatives and then he resigned.   

According to the agenda for next week’s meeting SEB12023-001 will be tackled next week. (see page 2 below)

Agenda 12.19.23 by Joe Ho on Scribd

We will see what happens. 



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