Why Would the GOP Side with the CCP, the DNC and Others in Trying to Push Kristina Karamo Out as Head of the Michigan GOP? | Joe Hoft


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Why Would the GOP Side with the CCP, the DNC and Others in Trying to Push Kristina Karamo Out as Head of the Michigan GOP?

Is the GOP pushing Kristina Karamo out of office in part because of her standing up to a Chinese battery plant being built in Michigan?

It was reported previously that there is an effort to remove Kristina Karamo as the head of the Michigan GOP.  Karamo was reportedly investigating property owned by the Michigan GOP that has a bizarre relationship to another “Republican” entity and is connected to RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel from her days prior to the 2016 Election when she oversaw the Michigan GOP.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Targeted After Uncovering Potential Fraud Related to Ronna Romney McDaniel

Yesterday, it was reported that the law firm representing GBI strategies (Warner Norcross and Judd – WNJ) was the same firm representing those trying to remove Karamo from her position as state chairwoman.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: RNC Chair Ronna Romney Taps Partner at Same Law Firm that Defended GBI Strategies as Michigan’s Top Election Integrity Attorney…Wants Kristina Karamo Out

Does this effort to remove Karamo from the Head of the GOP in Michigan have anything to do with her standing up against the Chinese battery plant being built in Michigan as well?

In April of 2023 Kristina Karamo joined a thousand residents in Michigan to protest China’s efforts to build a battery plant in the state.

The CCP Connection

FOX News released a report on the events in Michigan related to the Gotion battery plant in Michigan that Karamo was standing up against:

Individuals at a law firm registered as foreign agents to lobby on behalf of Gotion, a Chinese electric vehicle battery company developing a controversial project in Michigan, and wired campaign contributions to several top Democrats.

According to state and federal filings, Monique Field-Foster, an attorney at the Lansing office of the Warner Norcross + Judd law firm who is acting as a foreign agent on behalf of Gotion, donated to the campaigns of Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Whitmer’s sister Liz Gereghty and Michigan Democratic Senate hopeful Rep. Elissa Slotkin.

A second attorney at the firm, Madelaine Lane, who works out of the firm’s Grand Rapids office and prepared its foreign filings, also contributed to Gov. Whitmer’s campaign.

An April Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) filing with the Department of Justice shows the firm was hired to represent Gotion, a California company whose parent is based in Hefei, China. The firm said it would perform real estate acquisitions, file applications for land rezoning and attend public rezoning hearings on behalf of Gotion.

Whitmer announced in October 2022 that Gotion agreed to invest $2.4 billion in two 550,000-square-foot production plants and other supporting facilities spanning 260 acres in Mecosta County, Michigan. Months later, a top Michigan Senate panel controlled by Democrats voted 10-9 to award $175 million in taxpayer funding for the project.

“Gotion’s $2.36 billion investment creating 2,350 good-paying jobs in Big Rapids is the biggest ever economic development project in Northern Michigan and will shore up our status as the global hub of mobility and electrification,” Whitmer, who has been among the loudest proponents of the project, said Oct. 5.

As noted yesterday, Warner Norcross and Judd is the same firm representing the action to oust Karamo as Head of the Michigan GOP.

Who is standing on the opposite side of this divide? Across from the Dems, the Communists and Warner Norcross and Judd? None other than the same Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party their lawyers are trying to remove.

Karamo has been vocal against the Gotion plant, lauding the local “good neighbors” for defending their community, but on more than one occasion, Chairwoman Karamo made the trip to Michigan’s Central Northwest and joined local protestors on the streets of Big Rapids. Little did she know at the time that within a year she’d be defending her chairmanship in court against the same lawyers fighting Gotion’s battles. Is it all starting to make sense now?

(Chairwoman Kristina Karamo in Big Rapids, Michigan, April 5th, 2023, where she joined protestors opposing the Chinese Communist Party’s Gotion battery plant. The site is just 100 miles from Grayling National Guard base, where Taiwanese soldiers are training for a feared Chinese communist invasion.)

Why would the GOP side with the CCP, the DNC and others in trying to push Kristina Karamo out as Head of the Michigan GOP?

3 thoughts on “Why Would the GOP Side with the CCP, the DNC and Others in Trying to Push Kristina Karamo Out as Head of the Michigan GOP?”

  1. Kristina Karamo and team want to disenfranchise every black, white, Asian, Latino, gay, straight, Christian and atheist Republican voter from being able to vote in the Michigan primaries. She’s using typical bait and switch strategies to keep everyone looking at her as a victim and the defender of precinct delegates while eliminating the rights of the silent majority to vote in the Republican primaries. Karamo wants only precinct delegates to decide the votes of the Republican candidates in Michigan, from Presidential to local. There are 8000 precinct delegates in Michigan. Only 2000 get to vote at state conventions. Some counties have 2 precinct delegates to represent them while other counties have several hundred precinct delegates that can vote in convention. Let’s call it what it is: communism. Taking the vote away from millions and giving it to 2000 To be a precinct delegate all one must do is submit a notarized affidavit to their county clerk. One does not have to prove their party affiliation. It takes only common sense to see that Karamo and team are not working for the Republicans of Michigan but a far mor nefarious cause. So before you drink the Karamo Koolaid take a close look at what this bankrupt team is conspiring to do. If Karamo continues in her role and with her agenda the Republican Party in Michigan will be quickly overtaken by democrats and lost forever. Do your homework, Joe. That is, unless you are a part of this overthrow of the Republican Party.


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