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Why Wisconsin Speaker Vos’s Corrupt Administrator of Elections, Meagan Wolfe, Should Be Removed from Office

Why Wisconsin’s Meagan Wolfe should be removed from her position as Wisconsin’s Elections Chief and never be involved in elections ever again. 

An important meeting on August 29, is scheduled concerning the removal of unscrupulous Meagan Wolfe as Wisconsin Elections Chief.

Wisconsin patriot Jefferson Davis shared at The Gateway Pundit that on August 29 a meeting will be held to determine the fate of Wisconsin’s corrupt Elections Chief Meagan Wolfe.  Details of the meeting are in the attached.

Election Integrity for Wisconsin: Important Meeting on Aug. 29 Concerning Removal of Unscrupulous Meagan Wolfe as Wisconsin Elections Chief

One group in Wisconsin ( has laid out the many corrupt actions of “The Wolfe of State Street” in five separate documents.  This group points out how corrupt Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos was behind Ms. Wolf as symbolized by the robin on the illegal drop box in the picture above.

Hot Government points out the following about Wolfe:

  • Promoted the unlawful use of ballot drop boxes
  • Permitted others to return voters’ absentee ballot applications to the clerks’ offices
  • Permitted absentee voting to take place in long-term care facilities without the use of Special Voting Deputies
  • Promoted the curing of absentee ballots
  • Recommended New York resident Michael Spitzer Rubinstein assist Wisconsin election clerks with the 2020 election
  • Currently, there are 17 OP-en lawsuits naming Meagan Wolfe and/or The Wisconsin Election Commission as defendant(s)
  • Wolfe receives an annual salary of $188,000 (plus benefits)

Here is their document on “The Wolfe of State Street”:

_The Wolfe of State Street (1) by Joe Ho on Scribd

hotgovernment has gone on to produce four more papers on Wolfe.  These discuss the millions unaccounted for by Wolfe, the ERIC system promoted by Wolfe, the judgements in the cases against Wolfe, and more.

Meagan Wolfe must resign.  

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