Why Is GOP Wasting Money and Time on GOP Debates? | Joe Hoft


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Why Is GOP Wasting Money and Time on GOP Debates?

President Trump won last night’s debate.  

It was such a disaster that President Trump won without being there.


Why is the GOP continuing with the debates?  The only logical response is that they are in on it.  We see this with the GOP Senators pushing forward on the multitrillion dollar budget that borrows $2 trillion to stay afloat while increasing the US debt payments to nearly $1 trillion right now.

The GOP doesn’t want President Trump.  They ignore him and the largest political base in US history.

There was only one winner last night in the debates – President Trump – even Frank Luntz admits this.

Jesse Watters polled people on the winner of the debate.

Even Frank Luntz shared that President Trump won the debate.

Big night for President Trump. 

President Trump is right. It is time for the GOP to get behind President Trump and start fighting back against the fascists like George Soros and the WEF who are trying to take over this country.

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