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Why Corrupt and Criminal Judge Merchan Is LIVID

Corrupt Judge Merchan is livid and here’s why. 

Corrupt Judge Merchan and his family are receiving millions of dollars from the Democrats as they move forward with imprisoning President Trump.  This likely DOES NOT upset corrupt Judge Merchan.  He’s getting rich.

Laura Loomer has produced multiple examples of Democrats donating to Judge Merchan before and while this case is going on.  This is clear corruption and criminal activity on behalf of the Democrats and the corrupt Judge and his family.

(BTW – what kind of father would have his 20-something-year-old daughter get involved in such a racket?)

Corrupt and criminal Judge Merchan doesn’t mind the money but what pisses him off is that the world knows it.   When he put the gag order on President Trump he amplified his criminal actions in receiving bribes through his daughter.  This money is paid to him and his family so he will put President Trump in prison.

BREAKING: President Trump Tells Corrupt Judge Merchan Whose Daughter Made Millions from Dems Before Case to Remove His Gag Order

But this isn’t what really pisses off Judge Merchan.  Being behind throwing President Trump in prison doesn’t really piss corrupt and criminal Judge Merchan off either.  He hates President Trump.  He despises everything about President Trump.  He is sick with hate in this regard and he is happy to throw President Trump in prison.

What really pisses corrupt and criminal Judge Merchan off is that the case is so weak and he has to break every single barrier to a fair trial to put President Trump in prison.  However, he was ok with this but then President Trump’s team put Attorney Robert Costello on the stand last week.

When Costello destroyed the judge, made looks indicating the Judge Merchan’s court was crazy, and destroyed Michael Cohen’s testimony, the corrupt and criminal Judge Merchan lost it.

Merchan realized at that time, that his star witness was destroyed which he really didn’t care about.  But what really scared and pissed corrupt and criminal Judge Merchan off about was that he was now putting his hand-picked jury in a terrible situation.  They now had to throw President Trump in prison on a totally destroyed case. 


Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz was there.  He saw the whole thing.

He shared on Wednesday:

…But in my 60 years as a lawyer and law professor, I have never seen a spectacle such as the one I observed sitting in the front row of the courthouse yesterday.

The judge in Donald Trump’s trial was an absolute tyrant, though he appeared to the jury to be a benevolent despot. He seemed automatically to be ruling against the defendant at every turn.

Many experienced lawyers raised their eyebrows when the judge excluded obviously relevant evidence when offered by the defense, while including irrelevant evidence offered by the prosecution.

But when the defense’s only substantive witness, the experienced attorney Robert Costello, raised his eyebrows at one of New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan’s rulings, the court went berserk.

Losing his cool and showing his thin skin, the judge cleared the courtroom of everyone including the media.

For some reason, I was allowed to stay, and I observed one of the most remarkable wrong-headed biases I have ever seen. The judge actually threatened to strike all of Costello’s testimony if he raised his eyebrows again.

That of course would have been unconstitutional because it would have denied the defendant his Sixth Amendment right to confront witnesses and to raise a defense.

Corrupt and criminal Judge Merchan finally realized that he has gone too far, he’s been asked too much, and he got caught.  That is why he is rabidly angry. 

If and when corrupt and criminal Judge Merchan sends President Trump to prison, Judge Merchan will go down in history as the most corrupt and criminal judge in US history.  And that says a lot. 

1 thought on “Why Corrupt and Criminal Judge Merchan Is LIVID”

  1. Your interpretation of Merchan’s behavior is excellent. He is angry for the predicament he has put himself into. He is exposed as corrupt, along with his daughter. If the jury goes along with this embarrassing situation for them, and convicts Trump, Merchan will be overturned easily, on multiple grounds, and he will be permanently discredited. If the jury hangs, Merchan is still permanently discredited. That is the best he can hope for, he may face worse penalties.


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