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Who Wins Today and Who Breaks the Records?

It’s Super Bowl Sunday in the US.  Who will win the big game?  Who will break the records?

The Kansas City Chiefs are going for their third Super Bowl win in five years.

Sunday brings us a matchup of the NFL‘s most consistently dominant teams over the past five seasons, each with something to accomplish with a victory.

A win for the Chiefs would confirm them as a dynasty. The list of teams to win three Super Bowls in five years isn’t long. The mid-1970s “Steel Curtain” Steelers. The mid-1990s Cowboys as built by Jimmy Johnson. The Tom Brady-and-Bill Belichick Patriots managed to pull it off twice in two different decades. That’s it. A victory would put the Chiefs among the greatest five-year runs in league history, full stop.

The 49ers might feel like they would be the dynasty if a few things had broken their wayBrock Purdy and Kyle Shanahan aren’t going anywhere, but a win would dramatically impact their stories. Purdy would go from being Mr. Irrelevant and a quarterback carried by his skill position players to the guy who beat the most talented quarterback to ever live in a Super Bowl. Shanahan can’t go back in time and hold on to those two leads his teams blew in the Super Bowl, but winning one as a head coach would rewrite his legacy.

Oh, and Taylor Swift will be watching, too. Five months ago, the season began with a Chiefs loss. Will it end with one? — Bill Barnwell, senior NFL writer

But this isn’t the only big game today. In Lincoln, Nebraska, the Iowa Hawkeyes girls basketball team will play the women on the Nebraska Cornhuskers team.

This is no small game.

Caitlin Clark needs 39 points to beat the all-time career scoring record in NCAA women’s basketball. She could do it today. Clark is so good Patrick Mahomes says she could beat him.

Get ready for a great day of sports in the US. 

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