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Who Is Strange Man in Suit Pointing at Ashli Babbitt After Being Shot? (VIDEO)

Who is the strange man in a suit who points at Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol moments after she was shot and killed by a Capitol policeman?

Video has been unearthed nearly three years after the Ashli Babbitt killing in the Capitol that shows a strange man in a suit overlooking Ashli Babbitt moments after she was shot. He’s pointing at her.

Who was this man?

It took over a month before the Capitol Police would release the identity of the man who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt at the Capitol on Jan 6.  Babbitt was unarmed.  She received no warning and was shot dead by Byrd.

Byrd has never been indicted for shooting unarmed Babbitt at the Capitol.  The investigation was performed but the evidence behind the killing was withheld in a FOIA request by Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch Forces Release of DOJ Memo Declining Criminal Prosecution For Ashli Babbitt Killer Michael Byrd: Babbitt Shooting Evidence Missing!

Recently Byrd was promoted.

Officer Mike Byrd Who Shot and Killed Ashli Babbitt in Cold Blood inside the US Capitol Is Promoted to Captain

What is odd about the recent video is the question behind who was the man in the suit who pointed at the shot Ashli Babbitt?

See the short clip below.

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