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While Counting Continues in California Senate Race, Ethics Charges Against Lying Adam Schiff Still Unresolved

Corrupt Lying Adam Schiff, one of the most dishonest politicians in US history, is in the race for Senate in California that has yet to be finalized.

Rep. Schiff is so terribly dishonest making him the best pic for the Democrat Party in the US Senate race in California.  As of this morning, the race is still being counted.

UPDATE: It’s Day 10, and California is STILL Counting Ballots

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Today, with 92% votes in, the numbers grow even more mathematically impossible.

Garvey and Schiff are now .21 percent of each other (.33 yesterday), despite the notion that several million people voted.

The top two candidates go to the general election, so why rig it this big?

There are TWO Reasons in my Opinion this is happening…

1. Adam Schiff was losing badly to the other democrat candidate Katie Porter in order to get the nomination in the first place. She has over 1 million votes.

2. Also, If it’s not close or if Adam Schiff loses in a landslide to Garvey in the primary, how in the world can they justify his “win” in the general election? They have to do this because they plan to do it in the General.

It’s day 10 of counting ballots and 92% of the vote is counted. Yesterday it was 90%. At this rate, the count looks to go on for another 2-3 days.

California, you need to make some noise…

If it takes 13 days to count the a senator primary race, how long do you think they’ll count the Presidential race in 2024?

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Algorithms are at play here.

We have no idea what is going on with California elections.  It appears that the real race begins after election day.  What is going on behind the scenes?  Who is behind this?


Good, healthy, Christian Americans have a hard time believing that anyone would vote for Adam Schiff for anything.  He is so dishonest.

But Schiff’s dishonesty caught up with him last year.  It was reported that Adam Schiff owned a home in Maryland that was his primary residence.  By not reporting this honestly, Schiff committed election and voter fraud.  How could Schiff be from California if his primary residence was in Maryland?

EXCLUSIVE: US Congressman Adam Schiff Is in Deep Schiff – Ethics Complaint Filed Alleging Several Violations of Law in California and Maryland

In November of last year, another Democrat was indicted on charges similar to the actions that Schiff was committing in Maryland.  How could Schiff be getting off for the same crimes another top Democrat was indicted for?

SHIFTY SCHIFF IN BIG TROUBLE – He Did the Same Thing Marilyn Mosby Was Convicted of Yesterday

There may be more to this story as the days unfold.  Is the ethics complaint on Adam Schiff in the US House still open?  Is Schiff a liability to the Democrats in California?  Is this why the “counting” continues in California?

Something is not right in California involving Adam Schiff’s Senatorial run.  Many things are not right. 


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