Where is the Supreme Court While the Fascist Communist Democrats in the DOJ Attack Conservatives in Corrupt Courts Across the Country? | Joe Hoft


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Where is the Supreme Court While the Fascist Communist Democrats in the DOJ Attack Conservatives in Corrupt Courts Across the Country?

Former Trump speechwriter Darren Beattie gave his solution for dealing with the corrupt lawfare coming from the fascist communists running the Democrat Party. 

Where is the Supreme Court?  Why Are Supreme Court Justices Allowing This?

Darren Beattie, President Trump’s former speech writer from Revolver News was on the War Room this week.  He outlined the great criminal DOJ and how to beat it.

Beattie shares this:

A politicized, weaponized justice system has replaced the problem of Big Tech censorship as the top threat both to the political prospects of American patriots and to American liberty as such.

The supposedly nonpartisan DOJ is still hunting down January 6 offenders as part of what it proudly called the “most wide-ranging investigation” in department history, then slapping those convicted with decades-long sentences. When it’s not hunting down J6ers, the DOJ is imprisoning 2016 meme-makers and, of course, indicting Trump with the Ku Klux Klan Act. Now, the DOJ has an aggressive Fani Willis acting in concert with it, charging nearly twenty Trump associates not just with Georgia election “crimes” but with a far-reaching national election conspiracy. In Michigan, the AG has targeted Trump’s alternative 2020 electors for using the same legal gambit as JFK’s Hawaii electors 60 years ago.

As we’ve pointed out repeatedly, such utter violations of the letter and spirit of an impartial legal system are the stuff of which banana republics are made. The one-sided nature of such disgraceful legal attacks is almost as offensive as the attacks themselves. The Democrats and their allies bury their hated political enemies in sham criminal indictments, and the Republicans respond so far with nothing but impotent indignation. Some wiser conservatives are voicing the uncomfortable reality that the problem will only get worse unless and until such retaliation takes place–there must be a tit for tat, a real cost associated with the Democrats’ abuse of the legal system in such an existentially destructive manner.

Beattie’s solution is to begin indicting the communists running the DOJ and courts in Red states.  This is necessary.  (See Beattie’s excellent interview below.)

The bigger question is where is the Supreme Court?  Why are they not stepping in and ending the fraudulent, unconstitutional, lawless cases based on the bastardization of the legal system?

Why is a crazy women allowed to proceed in a case against President Trump where she accuses him of raping her but she has no idea when it occurred?  Why is the Clinton judge allowed to move forward with this case paid for by a Big Tech corrupt billionaire?

All of the cases against President Trump are BS.  All of America knows it.  Justice Roberts allows it.

This must end to save the country.  The good justices must step in to prevent a civil war.

Below is Beattie’s interview on the War Room is attached below.

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