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Where Is Joseph Mifsud Now? With His Italian Friends and Supporters of Hillary Clinton?

Joseph Mifsud is related to many members in the spy community in the US, Italy and the UK. He was a key actor in Obama Deep State’s attempt to derail the Trump campaign and administration. Where is he now?

Chris Blackburn on Twitter recently noted some of Mifsud’s connections –

Mifsud worked on the Italian campus of a small university noted for its connections to Deep State spies –

The Mueller report claimed Mifsud lied to them three times yet he was never charged. Where is Joseph Mifsud now?

The New York Times reported this past week that Hillary was in Italy promoting her email scandal –

In a moment that combined political theater and performance art, Hillary Clinton was reunited with her emails at an exhibition in Italy this week.

And she wants Republicans to know it.

“Someone alert the House G.O.P.,” she wrote on Twitter on Thursday, captioning a picture of her seated with reams of paper that were part of “Hillary: The Hillary Clinton Emails,” a work on display in the Despar Teatro Italia in Venice.

Was Mifsud hiding under that desk? It’s well past time that the corrupt actors in the Deep State be held accountable for their crimes!

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