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What’s Next After Supreme Court Allowed Government Collusion with Big Tech in Censoring Americans?

What’s next after the Supreme Court ruled on the government and Big Tech collusion case this week?

On Wednesday, June 26, 2024, the US Supreme Court ruled that the government can align with Big Tech in censoring Americans.  After the result, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey said that he would take the case back to the lower court and perform more depositions and discovery before moving the case forward.

A St. Louis publication shared on the verdict:

In his dissent, Justice Samuel Alito wrote that the government’s actions in this case were not ” ham-handed censorship” that the court has routinely rejected, but they were coercive and illegal all the same.

“It was blatantly unconstitutional,” he wrote, “and the country may come to regret the court’s failure to say so… If a coercive campaign is carried out with enough sophistication, it may get by. That is not a message this court should send.”

Louisiana Attorney General Liz Murrill released a statement on social media calling Wednesday’s ruling “unfortunate and disappointing.”

“A majority of the Supreme Court gives a free pass to the federal government to threaten tech platforms into censorship and suppression of speech that is indisputably protected by the First Amendment,” Murril said. “The majority waves off the worst government coercion scheme in history.”

In an emailed statement, [Missouri Attorney General Andrew] Bailey made no mention of the court’s decision to dismiss the case, instead declaring that his office will continue to pursue evidence of social media censorship by the federal government.

“Missouri is not done,” Bailey said. “We are going back to the district court to obtain more discovery in order to root out Joe Biden’s vast censorship enterprise once and for all.”

The lawsuit was filed in 2022 by Missouri and Louisiana, along with seven people who either were banned from a platform or whose posts were not prominently featured on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and X, then known as Twitter.

The Supreme Court’s ruling was another shocker.  Conservatives have been censored on Big Tech for nearly a decade with the censorship campaign increasing as the far-left socialists on the left have aligned closer with the media in attacking the truth and pro-American rights and values.

Six Justices refused to address the illegal censorship work against conservatives by claiming the entities and individuals in the case didn’t have standing.  This is the same argument the Supreme Court used to allow the fraudulent 2020 Election to be certified.

Judge Alito in his dissent stated that “government officials may not coerce private entities to suppress speech”.

The case included many individuals who have been harmed by government collusion with Big Tech, this included the Hoft brothers and The Gateway Pundit.

Let’s hope that AG Bailey is able to better fine tune the case to prevent the government from censoring Americans ever again before all American freedoms are lost.

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