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What Happened to the First Amendment, Sandy Hook?


Above picture from Wall Street Journal

What Happened to the First Amendment, Sandy Hook?

This article is reprinted with permission from AbleChild

Reprinted Article AbleChild legislation in the aftermath of Sandy Hook titled – Obtaining the Mental Health Records of Adam Lanza

Forward Note:

A simple search relating to any news coverage of Sandy Hook would show that the Sandy Hook families who lost their children didn’t sue Professor James Tracy.  In addition, it is noteworthy to understand that Professor James Tracy’s legal attempts to have the Supreme Court review his case under the first amendment were rejected, Why?  Professor Tracy wasn’t fired because of what he said, but the fact he didn’t disclose his outside activities that apparently violated his contract. – food for thought.

It is true Alex Jones questioned the official narrative the day Sandy Hook mass shooting was being covered live by the National News with the involvement from the FBI, and State Police.

Jones certainly wasn’t incorrect about the FBI agent showing up to a crime scene ill prepared and without the proper equipment, that shocking fact came directly from the FBI agent himself on the stand at the Alex Jones trial.  The same FBI agent who is currently profiting off the Sandy Hook crime scene by suing Alex Jones.  This agent failed to produce the FBI waiver that is required by FBI ethics and protocols to obtain approval to profit off such crime scenes.  This official FBI waiver was clearly missing  at the Connecticut trial of Alex Jones.  An FBI agent suing relating to a crime scene for profit?  This just might be a first.

Original Article:

What Happened to the First Amendment, Sandy Hook?

Reference articled by Jacqueline Smith

In response to Jacqueline Smith and her opinion of Professor James Tracy, two words immediately spring to mind: Toughen up. Strong reaction? Yes. But trampling on the First Amendment is serious and requires a strong response.

Smith claims that Professor Tracy doesn’t have a First Amendment right to “spew his nonsense.” There is no need to go any further in her rambling, disjointed piece. Smith simply does not understand that it is precisely this kind of “nonsense” that the Founding Fathers intended to protect.

Smith may not like, appreciate, or understand Professor Tracy’s thoughts and motives, but he has a right – and some would argue a duty – to critical thinking, and a right to publically espouse those thoughts, however repugnant they may be to Smith’s, and others, delicate sensitivities.

The problem with Smith’s thought pattern, as it pertains to the First Amendment, is that she believes that if the speech is hurtful or offensive to another then it simply is unacceptable and constitutionally unprotected. That’s not how the First Amendment works, as made clear by Smith’s own ugly diatribe directed at Professor Tracy.

Let’s not forget that the Founding Fathers believed that open dialogue was so important that they made it the FIRST Amendment, not the sixth or seventh, etc.   More importantly, that freedom of speech is unabridged and there is no caveat that the speech cannot hurt someone’s feelings.

Smith’s attack on Professor Tracy’s Constitutional rights, ultimately, is due to the Professor’s questioning of the official version of events at Sandy Hook. While Smith claims her concern is that Professor Tracy crossed the First Amendment line by making a request of Lenny Pozner anyone remotely familiar with this important case, is fully aware that Smith’s version of events was less than unbiased.

The bigger question, though, is why questioning the official version is so offensive to an alleged “newsperson?” Professor Tracy is far from the only person raising issues about Sandy Hook, as there literally are millions of websites dedicated to questioning the events at Sandy Hook and, one would think, many more millions who read them. Surely Smith is not suggesting that all these people are not entitled to their views on the matter and must be silenced should they dare speak out publicly.

What occurred at Sandy Hook has serious repercussions for not only the families of the victims and others associated with the tragedy, but everyone who is subjected to the legislative policy that has come from the incident.

As Smith well knows, the Connecticut Legislature passed sweeping, costly mental health legislation a full year prior to the release of the investigation. In other words, the legislative action was taken without full knowledge of the facts. Nevertheless, the good folks of Connecticut must not only pay for, but live by, those emotional, not fact-based, decisions. By anyone’s standards, this cannot be called responsible or thoughtful legislating.

Ablechild, a parent organization fighting for informed consent rights as they pertain to psychiatric diagnosing and psychiatric drugs, is intimately aware of the difficulties surrounding the gathering of information about Adam Lanza’s mental health records.

Despite Ablechild filing a FOIA to obtain Lanza’s mental health, toxicology and autopsy records, the state refused to publicly release this information when Assistant State Attorney, Patrick Kwanashie, stated disclosure of Adam Lanza’s records “can cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications.”

These records may have provided some insight into Lanza’s actions. But to this day, despite a lengthy and costly investigation, no information about Lanza’s mental health for the five years leading up to the incident has been made publicly available. Frankly, there is no information publicly available that Lanza did, or did not, receive mental health services in the five years leading up to the incident.   These facts did not stop poorly thought-out legislative measures from being rammed down the throats of the citizens of Connecticut.

This is just one example of the problems surrounding this incident. Anyone who read the 6700-page investigation knows there are many more. But, beyond all of this, the issue remains the right to publicly discuss any, and all, issues surrounding the official version of events at Sandy Hook regardless of whose feelings may be hurt.

No, Editor Smith, you do not get to decide whose voice is worthy. You do not get to judge whose First Amendment rights are more important.  You may not like the voices you hear, or how they are used. They may be distasteful and hurtful, but every American has a right to that voice. It’s quite possible that Professor Tracy finds your opinion hurtful, and he may even think that you are writing it to purposefully harass him, but even he would have to agree that you are entitled to your damning words.


9 thoughts on “What Happened to the First Amendment, Sandy Hook?”

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  2. What happened to the 1st Amendment? It began with Politically Correct Speech. Oh you can’t say that it is offensive! And, now you just can’t say it. So the willfully evil have easily led the willingly ignorant into their NWO trap.

  3. I don’t KNOW what happened at Sandy Hook, but the official narrative, like 9-11, certainly contains a lot of holes and illogic.

    • As the event was supposedly happening I watched a video taken from a helicopter overhead filming and the person was giving a rundown of events that were not happening as he described dozens of first responders running around while the video showed a bunch of people standing around and talking in the school parking lot like a movie set and notably absent were any vehicles. Also he described the huge number of fire engines and police cars and the video showed 1 50’s Detroit fire engine and a 50’s plymouth police car also Detroit. Then of course the fbi website said there were no homicides in Newtown in 2012. Also the school was shut down in 2008 due to asbestos and used only for school distrct storage. There’s more.

  4. Three or four days before Sandy Hook Incident I was checking my websites on the internet. There was a comment made from a greeting card company that gave their condolences to the dead children at the Sandy Hook school. This was put out days before the incident. How did they know?

  5. Would venture that CT is a wholly CIA captured state with SH a joint fed/state anti 2A op. Imagine the angst and gnashing of teeth when it is exposed and all the greedy perps and benefactors hanged for treason and all their ill gotten assets seized and returned to those it persecuted.

  6. There is a book entitled “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” by James Fetzer (Moon Rock Books) that has convinced many people that the incident was faked. The Smith -Mundt Modernization act of 2012 made it LEGAL for the feds to stage phony shootings, bombings etc… to manipulate U S. public opinion.


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