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What Do Missouri RINOs and Chameleons Have in Common?

What do Missouri RINOs and Chameleons have in Common? Chameleons change color to blend in with their surroundings or to sneak up on unsuspecting prey.

RINOS do the same. When they are campaigning, RINOs display a lovely shade of Republican Red, working to convince those who vote for them that they truly care and are working in the best interest for the American Family and the American Dream. But watch closely and you will see, when vote tallies are completed, most Missouri Establishment Republicans, move from Republican Red to RINO Pink.

One RINO, who is especially adept with this form of camouflage, is Mark Anthony Jones, Chairman of the Jackson County Republican Central Committee.

To understand this change of colors, let us take a walk in the woods and follow the hypocrisy trail, which starts here and then turns left. Look closely and see if you find any chameleons.

On May 4, 2014, an article about the amazing feat of the Missouri Grassroot Patriots who were able to achieve some of their American First plans at the GOP convention held on that day in Springfield at JoeHoft.com. This Herculean achievement did not come easily.


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Grassroot Revolution Overthrows RINOS at Missouri State GOP Convention

There were two primary objectives that day. The first was to select a slate of GOP delegates to go to the National GOP convention in July. The second was to pass the Missouri 2024 Republican Platform.

A tug-of-war between the RINOs and Grassroot Patriots started immediately. The RINOs opened the meeting and, to maintain control of the day, the RINOs stalled and stalled some more. As RINOs do often and well, they spent the next three hours “talking about all sorts of nothing” all the while crafting ways to overcome the Grassroots’ America First agenda and simply to “run out the clock.”

Another favorite RINO “go-to” playbook, is to manipulate parliamentary procedure to make sure the Grassroot Patriots would not be able to achieve an America First Missouri Republican Platform.

Both “running out the clock” and manipulating parliamentary procedures were on full display during the convention.

Eventually, the Grassroot Patriots were able to achieve the day’s first objective and nominated a slate of America First delegates to go the national convention. Then the Grassroot Patriots started the second objective to discuss and pass a 2024 America First Republican Missouri Platform. Again, the RINOs stalled, forcing the meeting to continue late into the afternoon.

Missouri State Representative Dan Stacey, well aware of parliamentary procedure and knowing many first-time attendees were not, knew without the required quorum; the Grassroot Patriots would be unable to pass their America First 2024 Republican Missouri Platform.

In true RINO fashion, Representative Dan Stacey (who, several years ago, filed a bill for Rank Choice Voting in Missouri) along with one of his congressional colleagues, convinced many attendees to leave the meeting, implying, due to the late hour, cars could be towed. Many attendees, now exhausted, left not knowing that without a quorum, the newly drafted America First platform would not be able to pass.

Late into the day and due to the lack of having a quorum, the American First platform failed. Stacey’s plan was successful!

At the end of the day, Stacey and his congressional colleague were seen laughing and high fiving as they exited the Expo Center. Both are senate hopefuls.

However, Stacey and his colleague were not the only RINOs “working the room” – in attendance was Mark Anthony Jones, Jackson County Republican Center Committee Chairman.

Jones is well known for his support of Missouri Establishment Republicans. Jones has fully supported Jay Ashcroft, Missouri Secretary of State, who has been provided with documentation that the 2020 election was uncertifiable, but Ashcroft has continually stated the Missouri 2020 election was totally acceptable. In 2020, Ashcroft used ERIC for Missouri’s voter rolls and is still using voting machines known to connect to the internet.

Missouri Freedom Principle Organization Urges Secretary of State Ashcroft to Terminate ERIC System in the State

Missouri Freedom Principle Organization Urges Secretary of State Ashcroft to Terminate ERIC System in the State

Why Is Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft Moving to Block an Investigation Into Election Fraud?

Why Is Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft Moving to Block an Investigation Into Election Fraud?

Mark Anthony Jones fully supports Senator Mike Cierpiot, who has received tens of thousands of dollars from child transitioning PACs, supports Planned Parenthood and most recently introduced a bill to allow illegals to vote in Missouri.

Missouri RINOs Suspected of Creating an Entity to Endorse Themselves as Pro-life for Election Purposes After Losing Missouri Right to Life’s Endorsement

Missouri RINOs Suspected of Creating an Entity to Endorse Themselves as Pro-life for Election Purposes After Losing Missouri Right to Life’s Endorsement

Missouri Republicans join Dems and pass Senate bill that allows non-citizens to vote and foreign governments to spend money in Missouri elections. 

Missouri Republicans Join Dems in Voting for Bill that Allows Non-Citizens to Vote and Foreign Governments to Spend Money in State Elections

The Gateway Pundit in March 2023 reported on Jones’ belief, as Chairman of the Jackson County Republican Committee, he could ignore and completely over-rule the majority of the Committee who wanted to censure Cierpiot for Cierpiot’s support of Planned Parenthood. Additionally, at that same time, other bills were being proposed that would essentially soften the Republican platform to include changing the definition of marriage between a man and a woman, to a new definition that marriage was between two individuals.

When the February 27, 2023, Central Committee meeting came around, the committee members were looking forward to a full discussion and vote on the issues related to maintaining a strong Republican platform. Jones did not wish for an open dialog, or a committee vote on these critical issues. In order to have total control of the meeting, Jones first had a vote to close the meeting at 8:30 pm. Most of the committee voted against ending the meeting at 8:30 pm because, the last meeting agenda item, was the discussion NOT to abandon important pillars of the Republican platform. As noted, the committee wanted sufficient time to allow for this discussion.

Chairman Jones, then proceeded to stall the meeting where Jones alternately praised various entities outside the committee and then admonished members within the committee. After his extended criticism on the failures of the committee members, Jones gave the committee several minutes to read the committee’s concerns related to the unwanted changes to the Republican platform and then permitted two minutes for discussion. After the two minutes were up, Jones took the microphone from the speaker and turned the meeting over to another individual who read a lengthy letter about the committee not having any authority to admonish elected officials.

Once this long letter was read, Jones banged his gavel and closed the meeting at 8:30 pm. Most of the committee members were shocked and dismayed at Jones’ behavior and his complete disregard for the majority of the committee.

Subsequently, Jones said he knew members wanted him to step down but was not going to do so.

Chaos erupted in Jackson County Missouri Republican Central Committee as RINOs Admonished and then Silenced New Grassroots Committee Members 

RINOs and Democrats Running as Republicans Are Called Out in Jackson County, Missouri

Returning to the May 4th meeting, while having employed the same stall and manipulation of parliamentary procedures against his own committee members, Jones’ hypocrisy is on full display as he is now criticizing Chairman Myers’ for the same method Jones used on his committee for keeping the Establishment Republicans in control and marginalize the Grassroots.


Excerpt of the May 20, 2024, letter from Mark Anthony Jones to Chairman Nick Myers.

“Chairman Nick Myers, you must be held accountable for the embarrassment caused by the poorly managed beginning of the May 4th State Convention. The start of the Convention was delayed for approximately 5 hours, tarnishing our party’s reputation. The unfinished platform can be directly attributed to the delay by the Chairman, which we consider completely unacceptable. The process broke down to a very amateurish level, reflecting poorly on our party’s leadership.”

Mark Anthony Jones further wrote:

“We call for the immediate resignation of Chairman Nick Myers. The Convention’s embarrassment and ignoring the people’s will by refusing to include platform amendments is altogether unacceptable. When combined with the embarrassment regarding a lack of vetting of candidates by accepting a filing fee from a known KKK member, it is a clear demonstration of incompetence. We believe Chairman Myers has lost his ability to lead the Republican Party.”

Here is Mark Anthony Jones’s letter to Chairman Myers:

MO RINOs – Letter to Chairman Myers by Joe Ho on Scribd

Jones is demanding Myers to resign but when Jones was faced with a similar and valid request, Jones simply refused to step down.

One must ask why is Jones changing his colors to be the champion of the Grassroots?

Could it be Mark Anthony Jones envisions, by romancing the Grassroots, he can gain their support and with the Grassroots support can become Missouri’s State Republican National Committee Chair? Does Jones feel he can become state chair immediately by removing the current state chair Nick Myers? Could Mark Anthony Jones, if elected RNC state chairman during the 2024 Presidential Election, implement the Establishment Republican agenda and further marginalize the Grassroots?

In Matthew 24:24, “the Bible warns false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.”

Red lights are flashing, false prophets abound, Grassroot Patriots must move forward with caution.

2 thoughts on “What Do Missouri RINOs and Chameleons Have in Common?”

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  2. I value and appreciate the Gateway Pundit. It, and one other, is my primary internet new source. I was a delegate and witness of the Springfield Grassroots uprising at the GOP Convention. Your article on the May 4th Missouri Republican Convention was spot on. The first half of this article is also right on target. Unfortunately the information you were fed concerning Mark Anthony Jones is incorrect. I have spoken to members of the committee that were present at the meeting described above. Those witnesses state that the descriptions in this article are not accurate. Your source for that portion of this article needs to be cross checked and corrected. I do not believe GP would knowingly falsify any story, but this is blatantly incorrect and slanderous. We in Missouri, like most, are in the midst of a significant battle for our state. There are unscrupulous players in the current establishment that are working to destroy and divide our grassroots efforts and to bury Missouri in the expanding swamp. That portion of this story seems to have fallen in with that agenda.

    Mark Anthony Jones is a grassroots conservative going all the way back to Ron Paul Tea Party days. Asking the corrupt, unethical current state chair to step down can’t even begin to compare with Mark standing his ground with outliers on his own committee. The entire grassroots of Missouri Republican politics wants Nick Myers, the current state chair, to resign. His underhanded behavior at the state convention is just the latest of his Establishment game playing.

    I respectfully request that you verify your sources and invite you to talk with other witnesses of the events and the leaders of the Missouri Grassroots efforts. You owe Mark, and the many people of the grassroots trying to save our party, a huge apology. Mark is an ally of the grassroots, not the enemy, and those of us who actually know him, appreciate his wisdom, his commitment to saving our party, our state, and our country, and his friendship.

    As a clarification, there is no such title as “State Republican National Committee Chair”. There is a State Chair, a Republican National Committee man, and a RNC chair. If that title was provided by your source, there is another clue, they are not the experts they present to be. In the Gateway Pundit, this article is attributed to an anonymous source, which is another red flag.


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