West Virginia and Mississippi Won’t Accept Voter Registrations Collected Through Biden’s Unconstitutional Executive Order | Joe Hoft


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West Virginia and Mississippi Won’t Accept Voter Registrations Collected Through Biden’s Unconstitutional Executive Order

West Virginia and Mississippi won’t accept voter registration forms collected by the Biden regime in its unconstitutional Executive Order.

Yesterday it was reported that West Virginia and Mississippi believe Biden’s plan for gathering voter registration forms is unconstitutional.

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner (R) said Wednesday that the state will not accept applications “illegally gathered by Federal agents.”

At issue is an Executive Order signed by President Joe Biden in March of 2021, but in a press release, Warner said it was just last week that the country’s chief election officials were told on a call with the White House that it’s implementing voter registration policies.

Mississippi’s Secretary of State Michael Watson wrote in an op-ed published Wednesday that he “had the chance to ask a White House official about the plans submitted by each agency to carry out the illegal executive order” but was told, “those plans are not public, and they never intended for them to be public.”

Biden’s Executive Order includes changes such as directing the Attorney General to facilitate voter registration for all eligible people in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the United States Marshals Service to facilitate voting by mail for inmates.

“These efforts are not only an intrusion into state matters but are a misuse of federal revenue to register potentially ineligible felons and/or illegal immigrants,” Watson wrote in his op-ed.

In his press release, Warner raised multiple sections of the United States Constitution that he believes the Executive Order violates, including the 10th Amendment, which reserved all powers not expressly given to the Federal Government in the Constitution to the states and Article 1 Section 4, which says the times, places, and manner of holding elections shall be left to the state legislatures.

There are numerous reasons Biden’s EO is unconstitutional.  Elections are under the control of the states and Biden’s EO oversteps its authority to collect voter registration forms.

Everything the Biden regime does is corrupt and unconstitutional and basically per the communist playbook.

Below is an update on Biden’s Executive Order from what appears to be issued around 2022.

ProgressReport_VotingAccess Biden Get Out the Vote by Joe Ho on Scribd

One key page in this report shows the progress as reported by the corrupt Biden regime.

* Per a DOJ report, non-citizens are a significant percentage of the Federally charged: Non-U.S. Citizens in the Federal Criminal Justice System, 1998–2018 | Bureau of Justice Statistics (ojp.gov)   Yet, the totally corrupt and communist Biden regime is going after people in prisons to add to the voter rolls.

This is criminal and unconstitutional.  This is the Biden regime. 

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