WE’RE IN A “FULL SCALE WAR” – President Trump and AG Barr versus Deep State FBI and Intel Agencies | Joe Hoft


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WE’RE IN A “FULL SCALE WAR” – President Trump and AG Barr versus Deep State FBI and Intel Agencies

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova announced on the air yesterday that the US is in a “full scale war”. President Trump and his Attorney General William Barr stand for justice against the corrupt FBI, Intel agencies, Democrats and the far left media complex.

diGenova spoke yesterday on Memorial Day on the air and he again brought to the listener’s attention, the state that we are in today. He said [emphasis added] –

FULL SCALE WAR – Let me tell you exactly what’s going on here. This is very important for the listener.

When Bill Barr became Attorney General the President said, “See what you can do, see if you can get to the bottom of what happened during the campaign.”

Bill Barr tried to do that and you will recall from his interview with FOX, he said he now had more questions than he had when he started. Chris Wray the current FBI Director was stonewalling the current Attorney General Bill Barr on disclosure of certain information about FBI conduct. It got very, very heated, so and, Gina Haspel, the current CIA Director, was also resisting disclosure of certain information.

Barr got fed up, went to the President, and said, “I can’t answer your question, and here’s why.”

The President said fine. Twenty-four hours later the order came out. This is a full scale war between the Attorney General of the United States and believe it or not, another FBI Director who thinks he’s James Comey.

Christopher Wray is a disaster. He’s an unmitigated disaster…

You are watching the quintessential Washington power battle. Here’s the problem for the agencies, the FBI and the CIA. They have one distinct disadvantage. They can leak to the Post and the Times but they do not have subpoena power and Bill Barr does.

We are headed for a gigantic, gigantic fight. The intelligence community, including the FBI is in full resistance in disclosing what they did during the Presidential campaign…. Christopher Wray is now standing in the way of history. Make no mistake about it, Christopher Wray has become an enemy of the people!

diGenova spoke about the FISA abuse that we reported on over a year ago where an audit of the FISA court showed numerous crimes and stated that Obama’s and James Clapper’s NSA had an “institutional lack of candor“. [they were liars]

These liars and criminals are under attack and they are resisting with all their might. We are at war. We – President Trump, Attorney General Barr and the American people – will win. For the sake of humanity we have to!


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