WE WERE SO RIGHT: IT WAS ALL A SETUP – Corrupt DOJ Now Admits Inserting Documents Into Mar-a-Lago “Crime Scene” | Joe Hoft


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WE WERE SO RIGHT: IT WAS ALL A SETUP – Corrupt DOJ Now Admits Inserting Documents Into Mar-a-Lago “Crime Scene”

As we reported, Biden’s corrupt FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago was all a set up.  We reported this when it happened. Now we have more evidence. 

It was all another set up from our totally corrupt DOJ and FBI. 

In November 2022, we reported at TGP that the FBI set up President Trump and inserted documents at the Mar-a-Lago raid.

HUGE BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: FBI Doctored Mar-a-Lago Photo, Added Their Own Docs to Create a Crime Scene that Didn’t Exist

In the report we pointed out the following:

This was all a lie.  The FBI created the crime scene, inserted their own documents, and then photoshopped the document.  What a disgrace.  

1. We know that the FBI wanted to make this look like a crime scene.

We know this because at the bottom of the photo provided to the court there is the number 2A, indicating that this was a crime scene photo as well as a type of tape measure across the bottom of the photo.  The corrupt FBI threw the photos on the floor themselves.  They staged this.

We know this because the containers were right next door.  The documents would have been placed on a table had the FBI wanted to take a picture of the documents.  Showing them as scattered across the floor is for show to indicate they were found this way, a lie we explain below.  Also, the cabinets are right next to the documents, which is likely where they were stored.  They weren’t stored on the floor.

2. The FBI inserted documents into the photo. 

The cover sheets in the above photo that were red, yellow, and brown were inserted by the FBI.  They are the FBI’s cover sheets.  We know this for various reasons.  The Trump White House did not need these cover sheets in the documents they held because they had their own cover sheets.

If you look closely at the photo above, the document right above the 2A is folded back.  The papers are stapled together as they should be.  If you look at that batch you see there already was a cover sheet on that document.  It says “Please store in…”.  That is the real cover sheet.

The red, yellow, and brown cover sheets were inserted.  If you look closely at the yellow cover sheets, they are paper clipped to the documents.  The documents would have been stapled.  They are paperclipped because they were inserted by the FBI.

Also, the front cover sheet in brown, showing SCI, says the following wording:

Handling, storage, reproduction, and distribution of the attached document must be in accordance with the applicable executive orders statutes and agency implementing regulations.

This document was inserted.  The FBI inserted this to indicate that the “agency implementing regulations” – i.e. the DOJ – is involved in the maintenance of these records but this is not the case.  The President has the right to documents that are his.  They are his property and an inserted document saying something different is simply not true.   

3. The photo was altered or photoshopped after it was taken (i.e. the FBI was tampering with evidence).

Throughout the picture there are sections in white.  It would be proper for the FBI to take pictures of the crime scene and then add paper to cover up the classified info and then take photos to cover up any classified information.  However, we know that these white sections are redactions to the photo.

At the end of the article we reported that this was a crime scene but the FBI and DOJ were the criminals.

Last week documents in the case showed that we were right.  This week the DOJ admitted they tampered with evidence. 

The DOJ leadership and all involved should go to jail.

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  1. This is criminal. This is great coverage.

    That photo on the carpet was clearly staged.

    Any decent news source will cover this, but there are few.


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