We Were Right – Twitter, Facebook and the MSM Hated Trump and the Gateway Pundit – We Must Be On the Right Track! | Joe Hoft


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We Were Right – Twitter, Facebook and the MSM Hated Trump and the Gateway Pundit – We Must Be On the Right Track!

In late September President Trump tweeted that:

Facebook was always anti-Trump. The Networks were always anti-Trump hence, Fake News, @NYTimes and @WaPo were anti-Trump. Collusion?

What President Trump forgot to mention was that Twitter is also anti-Trump as noted in today’s reports that Twitter admitted in sworn testimony it buried tweets critical of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta’s lies and corruption.

What the Podesta emails told us was that Facebook CEO Zuckerberg and the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg were huge Hillary supporters in the 2016 elections. WikiLeaks released Hillary’s Campaign Manager’s emails which included emails from Zuckerberg asking creepy Podesta for a meeting.

Podesta emails also showed Zuckerberg was working directly with Hillary and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg declaring: “I Still Want HRC to Win Badly. I Am Still Here to Help”.

Twitter and Facebook were in Hillary’s pocket and they still are, just like the rest of the social media giants and the legacy mainstream media.

After the election Liberals were in shock and angry. They set out to find out why they lost. They still don’t realize its because of their policies that are destroying America but instead came up with the conclusion that they could not win the election unless they control the entire media.

An early 2017 Harvard study found The Gateway Pundit Was 4th Most Influential Right-Leaning Media Outlet during last year’s election.

Only Breitbart, The Hill and FOX News were more influential to conservative audiences.

The right was dominated with trusted online ‘new media’ outlets and liberal media critics.

The left was dominated by biased legacy media outlets that carried water for Hillary Clinton.

The Columbia Journalism Review published a different article with similar data in March 2017 entitled “Study: Breitbart-led Right-wing Media Ecosystem Altered Broader Media Agenda“. In this piece the Gateway Pundit was the 4th most shared media source on the right during the 2016 presidential election as well.

Breitbart became the center of a distinct right-wing media ecosystem, surrounded by Fox News, the Daily Caller, the Gateway Pundit, the Washington Examiner, Infowars, Conservative Treehouse, and Truthfeed.

We at the GWP have believed for some time that these numbers for social media were skewed. We believe the socials like Twitter and Facebook shared messages that were pro-Hillary and killed messages that were pro-Trump. We could see it in our numbers. We could see it when Twitter would remove a prominent conservative account because they were too effective. We could even see it when Twitter failed to share tweets from President Trump and other conservatives.

We also believe that the socials promoted Hillary tweets and shares and likes in order to promote their campaign. In spite of this, President Trump won. He won ‘bigly’.

Today our beliefs were confirmed. Twitter stated that they, like the Nazi Party in Germany not even a century ago, are deciding what messages can be shared on their platform while touting publicly that they believe in free speech. No doubt any tweets of this post will be killed as well. Twitter doesn’t realize they can’t stop the Trump Train.

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