WE WERE RIGHT: Latest Twitter Files Release Uncovers Lies that Russian Accounts Impacted 2016 Election | Joe Hoft


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WE WERE RIGHT: Latest Twitter Files Release Uncovers Lies that Russian Accounts Impacted 2016 Election

The latest Twitter Files release  (#21)  provides more evidence that the narrative that Russian accounts were materially impacting US elections was a lie.   This is exactly what TGP said years ago. 

Before the 2016 Election, the Hillary and Obama gang was scared that President Trump might win and then look into their crimes so they created the lie that candidate Trump was tied to Russians.

The fact was that the Obama Administration, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had allowed the sale of a significant amount of US uranium to the Russians for millions.  In return the Clintons received millions and we don’t know how much the rest of the Obama Administration received.  This action is referred to as Uranium One.

The Obama Administration participated in a crime spree.  It spied on the Trump Administration, gave billions to Iran, opened the southern border, created sanctuary cities, backed corrupt Soros activities, and now we know participated in human trafficking of minors.

These people were conflicted and they did not want to get found out.  So they made up Russia collusion.

To make their false narrative appear real, those involved in the Russia collusion lie went to Twitter and asked Twitter to identify Russian accounts interfering in the 2016 Election.  The Obama and Clinton lackeys then used this information to claim Russian interference.

TGP in February 2018 determined that the Russian bots that the left was saying interfered in the 2016 election only garnered 175k retweets.  It was all a lie.

Here’s the Complete List of Russian Twitter Bot Accounts – Top Tweets from Top Russian Accounts Only Garnered 175K Retweets!

The latest Twitter file thread dug deeper into this narrative. When first requested to list Russian accounts by corrupt Senator Warner, Twitter only found 179 accounts.

Twitter was forced to change how it identified Russians and the result was to include basically anyone as a Russian.  Even Green Party candidate Jill Stein was labeled a Russian.

The corrupt and dishonest Big Media (Mainstream Media) used this BS to push the Trump-Russia BS narrative.  It was all a lie.

A couple of Clemson professors became experts in the ‘let’s call everything a Russian’ lie.

After years of pushing the Russia bot lie, one Clemson professor said that Russian trolls are not as prevalent as you think.

TGP was right.  And again, as we uncover the truth, individuals at Twitter, corrupt Senator Warner and the rest of his gang, and so-called “experts” are now properly identified as people who cannot be trusted and never should be again.

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