We Now Can Confirm Corrupt Lying Establishment RINO Paul Ryan Was in on Russiagate (VIDEO) | Joe Hoft


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We Now Can Confirm Corrupt Lying Establishment RINO Paul Ryan Was in on Russiagate (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan was in on it.

President Trump and the American people were attacked relentlessly by politicians like Paul Ryan for the lie that President Trump was connected to Russia.  Now we know corrupt Paul Ryan was in on it.

Kash Patel Drops a Bomb — British Court Reveals Paul Ryan Was the First One to Receive a Copy of Steele Dossier Back in 2016 and He Hid This For Years!

Steve Bannon:
Are you telling me and telling this audience in a British court filing that Steele filed under penalty of perjury, he identified that Paul Ryan actually had the Steele dossier before he charged you guys, House Intel, to look into this, and he never informed Devin Nunez, the chairman of that? That’s impossible to believe. Are you sure about this?

Kash Patel:
100% accurate. The Steele dossier was handed to Paul Ryan’s Chief of Staff in 2016.

They put out a mealy-mouth of retreat to it, response to it, which basically said, ‘Oh, we didn’t get it from Christopher Steele directly.

They admitted it in court that they had a copy the entire time, and they didn’t tell us in 2016, they didn’t tell us in 2017, they didn’t tell us in 2018.

The quintessential piece of evidence which was exposed because I went to DOJ and got the FISA, which the Steele dossier was an entire part of, and Paul Ryan was the one that fought us tooth and nail, and remember, on declassifying it. Now we know why. He had it for sure. He is a total coward.


See video below:

Ryan claims to be non-establishment – another lie.

In 2018 I reported at The Gateway Pundit that Ryan was in on the Russia Collusion sham.

Speaker Ryan Said He Would Never Support President Trump But He Never Has – Now We Know His Office Was Also Pushing Fake Russia Dossier!

Paul Ryan is the enemy of the people. 

5 thoughts on “We Now Can Confirm Corrupt Lying Establishment RINO Paul Ryan Was in on Russiagate (VIDEO)”

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  2. Look at Ryan’s face, he has had modifications from his jagged look. This guy still wants stardom. Why won’t media cover this?

    In October 2016, Ryan publicly stated that he would never support Trump. I doubt a speaker has ever attacked the presidential candidate of his own party 1 month prior to an election. Foul play was involved.

    Also, Ryan as speaker was informed of the spying on Trump. He would have seen the warrants. Any decent person knew those warrants were a fraud.

    Later, after the Russiagate conspiracy emerged, it was obvious due to the timeline that Ryan had been given the dossier and joined the conspiracy. That was the same timeframe that Hillary mentioned a huge scandal would emerge on Trump, and also when McCain was passing the document around.

    Then, Ryan spent 2 years obstructing investigations into the DOJ corruption.

    • Bannon certainly does not have the critical thinking skills to figure these things I mentioned out. Here we are 7 years later and he is reporting just a piece of it.

  3. The British are nothing but troublemakers for the U.S., so let’s get rid of them. They’re nothing but red coats. They latch on to some trash to screw everything up in America.

  4. What a lying scumbag Ryan is. I always knew he was a RINO, but didn’t think he was also a traitor.

    FJB and FPR, and all who support them.


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