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“We Have To Stop Dealing With Fanatics” – General Michael Flynn

We have to stop dealing with fanatics.

General Michael Flynn shared a message for Americans:

The United States of America invaded Iraq back in 2003 based on now U.S. Government debunked claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The very famous speech that General Colin Powell gave in the United Nations with the full weight of the CIA behind him where he said Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, was all a lie.

We then proceeded to lose so many young lives, killed and wounded. We also lost trillions of dollars from our treasury (meaning from American taxpayers). We lost a ton of prestige as well on the world stage. All for a loser endless war that now looks to be turning the tide toward war once again, but this time the tide is against the United States.

Also, Iran is most certainly developing a nuclear weapons programs. We know this because our government under Obama and Biden have told us. These administrations are funding them to the tune of billions of dollars. This is no secret—it’s all public knowledge and those on the left appear to consider it their duty to support Iran (I really don’t know where this attitude comes from). Do these people hate America (and Israel) so much, they want to see a war or the destruction of entire societies? That’s what nuclear weapons can do.

I can speculate and analyze all day long about this and point fingers at Obama and Kerry, the Clintons, pressure from the globalists at the WEF, or maybe it’s the CCP directing our U.S. foreign policy (I’m not kidding—at times, it feels that way).

All the money we’re pouring into Iran flows into Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, Iran surrogates inside the Iraq Government, and many other Iranian aligned groups and individuals in the greater Middle East.

Tactically but with strategic consequence are the number of attacks on U.S. forces. That number is now north of 150 resulting in several casualties. During the previous Iraq War, there were more than 600 U.S. casualties directly caused by Iran.

Iran has unleashed proxy wars in Israel, Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Lebanon, Red Sea, and are likely behind protests here in America as well as influencing, through their relationships with Venezuela, the invasion of our southern border.

The big “so what” is that Iran is our enemy, not our friend.

And what is the Biden administration’s response: Continue to send billions in aid and trade to Iran (our enemy).

In my judgement, you cannot make peace with fanatics. For example, there were over 300K soldiers and civilians killed during the final Battle for Berlin against the Nazi’s in 1945. The Nazis knew they had zero chance for victory. But that’s how fanatics operate.

We have to stop dealing with fanatics.

Lastly, if we don’t focus right here at home, AMERICA FIRST, we could lose everything. So much is at stake and we’re not even allowed to close the front door to our home.

I believe in God. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe that we have lost sight of the importance of God in America.

To reclaim our republic as a judeo-christian nation built on a set of moral principles and values, we need to be fearless and we better get our act together very quickly.

Here is the message:

2 thoughts on ““We Have To Stop Dealing With Fanatics” – General Michael Flynn”

  1. If the Rightwing in the USA was one tenth as dangerous as the Left/D’s/Media claim, we would be seeing retaliation for everything the Left/D’s/Media have been and are doing.
    Instead, we witness leftwing groups being violent, beating people, destroying the country, and getting away with it. At the same time, we see the people on the right being persecuted and imprisoned.
    I believe the Right is never going to defeat the Left, because they can’t do what the Left does. If the Right were to do the things the Left is doing, it would go against everything it means to be on the Right.
    How do you overcome that. Fight fire with fire? Tit for tat? It seems rather obvious that those on the Right who have the authority to be able to arrest those on the Left, like the Left are doing to the ones on the Right are not going to do that. I don’t want to join a mob and beat people who disagree with me. I do not want to subvert the election process or cheat in elections, even if I knew I wouldn’t be prosecuted. I cannot force those in charge to arrest criminals and keep them locked up, that is beyond my authority. What is the average person supposed to do in order to stop this destruction.
    Prison for praying at an abortion clinic while the left burn down pro-life centers. Prison for knocking down a satanic statue in a public place, while the left destroys historical statues with no charges and the statues stay down. The Left take over education and completely warp its power to instruct and instead use to teach the most bizarre things, a twisted caricature of what our country means or meant. How can I correct that?

    The Baby Boomer generation refers to those born between 1946 and 1964.
    They are being blamed for the mess we are in now. I don’t think that is fair. I think outside forces were able to take over and turn our country into a dark caricature of itself. And they did it using our education system. I was born in 1965 and remember going to elementary and middle school in the 70’s and early 80’s very well. We were taught about our history, we were not taught that we were an awful country. We were taught to respect authority. Unfortunately, at that time they were doing some other perverse things using cartoons to push drugs and pushing overpopulation theory. We were all taught as one people, Americans. Some kids did better than others or were more talented and that meant later in life the smarter more talented people got higher paying jobs and the ones who didn’t do well or weren’t talented got menial labor jobs. There is nothing wrong with that, that is how the universe works. It is obvious to me we were a better country and people then. Unfortunately, the colleges were already subverted at that time and they were teaching the future educators. Which explains where we are now.


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