Was Vanity Fair Article in January 2016 a Warning to Seth Rich that His Life was in Danger? | Joe Hoft


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Was Vanity Fair Article in January 2016 a Warning to Seth Rich that His Life was in Danger?

There is already enough evidence in the Seth Rich murder case to warrant a special government investigation. Now this –

T. A. Frank is a relatively unknown liberal nutjob contributor to Vanity Fair magazine until now. He wrote a piece in January of 2016 published in Vanity Fair that appears more than sinister to many following the Seth Rich murder investigation. Frank begins his article as follows:

For the second time in eight years, Hillary Clinton sees the Democratic nomination being pawed by a charming interloper, like a priceless vase grabbed by a panda. She’d prefer to shoot the panda, but that could mean breaking the vase, and onlookers would object. To make matters worse, Bernie Sanders, who leads Clinton in both New Hampshire and Iowa, has produced a new video ad, “America,” a wordless feel-hope montage that is awfully good, good enough that I can’t help feeling both moved by it and resentful that it works on me. Maybe shoot the panda.

The piece is creepy in and of itself because of the weird and sadistic references to shooting a panda. But what really makes the piece creepy is that Seth Rich’s alias on the Internet was panda!

Internet hacker Kim Dot Com confirmed that Seth Rich’s alias on the Internet was panda.

Frank denies a relationship to the Seth Rich murder in a tweet he released labeling his homicidal writing about Hillary shooting a panda humorous.

Folks, not sure how this became a thing, but I was using the panda as a humorous analogy. It’s coincidence. https://twitter.com/EvilHillaryPics/status/867494319053094912 …

Frank’s piece was disturbing in the first place in writing about shooting a panda. Knowing that Seth Rich used ‘panda’ as his alias makes this piece even more than hair-raising, it’s sinister.

We already know that the WikiLeaks emails proved that the Clinton campaign was in cahoots with the media. At least 65 MSM reporters were meeting with and/or coordinating offline with top Hillary advisers.

Did Frank have a closer relationship with shady John Podesta and the Hillary campaign than the rest of the media? Is this just another piece in the murder case of former DNC staffer Seth Rich that the DNC, Podesta and the Mainstream Media is trying to cover up?

Hopefully we’ll know all the answers to the Seth Rich murder case sooner rather than later.

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